Thursday, February 25, 2010

Celebration @ Foreign Cinema, San Francisco USA

Taking a break from the excessive Chinese food fare for a while, I'm back to USA (yes, still lots to blog about since I was there for 2 months!) and reminiscing the time the group of us celebrated Mrs Pitt birthday (who had an earlier Peruvian fare celebration with the family) at Foreign Cinema.

Foreign Cinema
We sat inside the restaurant as the weather would get colder as night approaches and this area has a more grandeur feel.

Foreign Cinema
For those who chose to sit outside, there were heaters around to keep the patrons warm. More casual feel but sitting here has its benefit (More on the benefit later).

We had arrived at Foreign Cinema early for drinks first and took our time before we ordered our food. Boy! We took a rather long time to decide as we perused the large two sided A3 paper menu. Apart from loving the ambiance, I knew that the dining experience at Foreign Cinema would be different as their menu changes DAILY! The menu (even the smaller drink and wine list) has the specific date printed on it!

Dining @ Foreign Cinema
Fig wrapped in prosciutto - complimentary appetizer; a toast to the birthday girl; the busy kitchen area.

West Coast Dungeness Crab
West Coast Dungeness Crab (half USD16/whole USD28). This crab was really fresh and I loved dipping it into the warm butter oil! I enjoyed every morsel of this crustacean delight :o)

House Cured Sardine Crostini
House cured sardine crostini: bean puree, avocado, roasted pepper, Manchego (USD10)

As daylight fades
Then as daylight fades....

Movie Time
It's show time! The advantage of sitting outside is that one gets to watch classic movies while dining. Check out the current list of movies playing at Foreign Cinema HERE.

Manila Clams a la menton
Manila Clams a la menton : Pernod, cream fine herbs, croutons (USD11). I love the fresh clams and enjoyed drinking the milky concoction! Heavenly ....

As you can see from the pic, the daylight was going, going, gone and the low light wasn't conducive for photo taking anymore. At one point I practically stopped breathing just to keep my hands as steady as I can...Phew!

Left to Right :
- Roasted Pork Tenderloin (USD24), sauteed white corn, romesco, yellow wax beans, mojo verde
- Alaskan Halibut "nicoise" (USD24) : haricot vert, baby lettuces, potatoes, roasted peppers, tapenade, aioli
- Fedelini pasta (USD17) : summer squash, lobster mushrooms, shell beans, chili, herbed breadcrumbs

Greig Pirie
This is Mr Greig Pirie, who helps out at his daughter's restaurant. He came over and spoke to us, recommending the desserts and enjoyed chatting with us so much so that he sat down with us and told us stories about Foreign Cinema. Read more about this gentleman HERE :o)

Dessert Time! We were stuffed but there's always room for dessert no matter what :o).
Peach ice cream puffs with cardamom whipped cream, poached peach slices (USD8.50)
& Chocolate pot de creme (USD7.50)

Foreign Cinema
Soon it was time to leave. As we walk down the red carpet towards the exit ...

Foreign Cinema
... and passed the swing doors, we felt a tinge of sadness having finally to call it a night.

We had a fantabulous time at Foreign Cinema; loved everything about it. The food, ambiance, great service and great company ... it was a definitely a cinematic experience for all senses : smell, taste, touch, sight and hear ;o)

Foreign Cinema
2534 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone : 415-648-7600

Operation Hours :
Foreign Cinema including Laszlo bar and Modernism West is open 7 days a week from 6pm - 2am weekdays and 11am - 2am weekends. Kitchen hours and service :

Mon - Thurs 6pm to 10pm
Fri - Sat 5:30pm to 11pm
Sun 5:30pm to 10pm

Sat 11am to 3pm
Sun 11am to 3:30pm

Reservations are available online 24 hours a day or by calling the restaurant daily after 11am.

Read more about Foreign Cinema HERE

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J said...

Oh my goodness - all the food looks so enticing! *drool*
(What movie was playing that night? It sounds like a really interesting concept for a restaurant....)

Tummythoz said...

D closest theme restaurant we have over here like that would be .. err.. the mamak stalls with their big outdoor screens! But of course there's 'no fight' with the food served.

tigerfish said...

Looks like there are much more for me to explore in future!

wmw said...

J : We sat inside and didn't get to watch the movie (don't know what was playing) as we opted for warmth!

Tummythoz : And of course...only music videos or football matches on the screen! Hahah...

Tigerfish : You going to SFO or are in SFO?

May said...

nice ^_^