Monday, February 22, 2010

Chinese New Year - A Whole Lot Going On!

Well, it's the 9th day of Chinese New Year and there was just a barrage of firecrackers going off just now at midnight-so much so that I could smell the smoke in the air. Time flies....soon Chinese New Year celebration will come to an end. I have been having so much fun the past 9 days and there's more to come for sure .... What happens during such a festive period????

New addition
  • Get a surprise! Meeting up with relatives and still amazed to see "new" additions to the family tree even though it happens year after year.
  • Get acquainted/re-acquainted and bonding time with new and old friends over more food and activities that mostly involved decks of playing cards and mahjong tiles :o). pics for this one!

  • Get a delight in seeing how cute some kids are and how they are becoming even cuter day by day (year by year)!
  • Get a reality check by being reminded of my "real" age as my once little cousins/nieces/nephews left their childhood days behind and entered adulthood as their over 6 foot frame hover over shorty me.

Yee Sang
  • Get an overdose of "Yee Sang", but it's always a welcome "fix" during this lunar new year period.

  • Get an overdose of "Yee Sang"....Oh, sorry...I have said that!

What traffic?
  • Get to drive (or sit right in the middle!) on traffic free roads - which sadly as you read this, would be back to the horrendous traffic snarl as we all have come to know and abhor during peak hours especially but yet surrender ourselves to it daily, defeated even before we start our car!

  • Get your pets to join in the festivity ... if one can't bear to "ridicule" their furry love ones to don a typical Chinese outfit, one can always make do with a red ribbon or bandanna!


Spring Roll Popiah Time
  • Get to eat & eat and what more certain food for sure like steamboat and popiah (fresh spring roll) that is usually the standard Lunar New Year fare

Deco madness!
  • Get some time off for activities with my nephews like messing up the dining table as we decorated cupcakes however we liked! From Gollum to Madonna's bustier to tic tac was madness! Hahaha...

How was your week?
Hope it was a great one ...
and may we have even better ones ahead!

If only Chinese New Year was an annual celebration
that lasts for 365 days! Hahaha.....


J said...

OMG. Who is that sitting in the middle of the road??
(Well, there is very little traffic I suppose but still! O_o)

Precious Pea said...

I think this CNY is my most busiest CNY ever (i mean my tummy). See ya tomorrow!

CUMI & CIKI said...

gong xi fa cai!

Tummy Rumble said...

happy chinese new year to you :)

ilene said...

Well, this is what CNY is all about - eat, jalan, eat ..... :)

babe_kl said...

i guess that's the essence of CNY. Kung Hei Fatt Choy!

c said...

CNY isn't over yet. i am waiting for your chap goh meh post =)

UnkaLeong said...

Happy Chinese New Year! My Midriff also expanding due to Od'ing on Lou Sanging. Hahahah!

wmw said...

J : That's a young friend of mine, hahaha...done in the name of photography.

Precious P : I take it you still are busy!

Cumi&Ciki : Same to you, didn't you go on a vacation? How nice :o)

Tummy Rumble : Gong Xi Fa Chai to you!

Ilene : Yalah, plus the heat too!

Babe_KL : Yes, I realised I forgot to mention the heat! I'm melting....Hahhaa...

c : Dunno about that .... stay tuned.

Unka : I think most of us are in the same predicament hor?

Simon Seow said...

Last day of CNY. Happy CNY!!! Who's so daring sat in the middle of the road?

wmw said...

Simon : That'a a young friend of mine! I take photo from the back in the middle too!