Thursday, February 04, 2010

Picnic Prelude - Shopping @ Whole Foods Market, San Francisco

I was told that we would be going for a picnic (no, not the "picnic" we had in Sonoman County) on one of the weekends while I was vacationing in San Francisco. WHERE were we going? Let's get to that part later. So, what do we usually do to get ready for a picnic? Why, go shopping for food stuff of course....and off we went to Whole Foods Market. Yay! Not that we had a lot of food to get but I've always enjoyed visiting Whole Foods Market as it is always a nice experience.

Somewhere Out There....
Lovely city view from where we parked...can you see the TransAmerica building on the left?

Cheesey Pick Up Line :o)

Cold Cuts
Cold Cuts' Choice


Olives! Olives! Olives
Olives! Olives! Olives!

Chips Ahoy!
Chips Ahoy!

Biscuit aisle
Polly wants a cracker ...

Sweet Sight For Sore Eyes
Sweet Sight For Sore Eyes :p

I got too engrossed looking around the place and stopped taking photos after a while....I just love going to supermarts, do you???

To Be Continued ... See WHERE we had the picnic ;o)


J said...

Yes - love grocery shopping in supermarkets too! :)
(But have come to realise that its very dangerous to do so walking in with anything less than a full tummy of food already... haha)

Precious Pea said...

But don't you find at times, too many choices not a good thing especially when everything also look so good!

babe_kl said...

I love shopping at supermarkets esp overseas ones :p sigghhh wish ours can be so nice

Kk said...

ooh.. me love too... i like to cook and i like to eat... but all supermarkets here aren't stocked like the ones in this post... too bad !!

wmw said...

J : Ahhh...yes! I know what you mean. LOL!

Precious P : I rather be happy with so many choices than to be frustrated with limited choice...hehehe...

babe_kl : Yah lo...I love the supermarts overseas. The one that comes close to giving me that feeling here is Cold Storage @ Solaris Mont Kiara. Have you been there?

Kk : Yes...You like to cook eh? What's your special dish? :o)

CUMI & CIKI said...

i love shopping in the US. Mega supermarkets galore..

Kk said...

Aaah... I'm not that great... I like cooking and eating Hyderabadi Biryani.. if you've heard of that before... you should try it !! Of course I do it without the meat...