Monday, March 22, 2010

Chinatown Essentials - Petaling Street KL (Part 2) Final


Continuing from Part 1 of Chinatown Essentials....we move on to Madras Lane (opens from 8am to 4pm daily but quite a lot of stalls are closed on Mondays).

Wet market @ Jalan Petaling

I haven't been in here for ages and it seems this place hasn't really change through the years (well, at least not to me). Walking passed the meat stalls was definitely a challenge for me as I'm one that doesn't like handling raw meat and the sight of all these raw meat would definitely affect me.

Walking through the wet market
See the leg sticking out at the bottom left of the pic ? Hahaha....It was an adventure for me indeed but I'm glad I made my way in there as I had forgotten how it was like. And now, I remember... it was this thought of wanting to remember that made me forget the fact that I was surrounded by all these raw meat and I could even stop to take photos! Documenting this place was more important and that made me overcome my fear! Hahaha...I know Mrs Pitt will surely stay outside and can do without the memories :p.

After passing all those stalls, we got to the food stalls and then decided to order some noodles to try...


Assam Laksa
This delicious looking Assam Laksa looked better than it tasted, an average fare as Jason said.

Curry noodles
Now, normally my bowl of Curry Laksa would be cockles free but since we all shared a bowl - the cockles stay :o). Precious Pea who loves cockles obviously loves the sight of this. Along with fried pork skin, tofu puffs and long beans, this fared better than the assam laksa but I would rate it in the average category too. Maybe it was the whiff of "blood" and other "miscellaneous" stuff in the air that cut down the enjoyment for me. It was definitely an experience ... an experience that I welcome but might not go through again ... but I did! I went back to this place recently with Precious Pea as she brought her bro-in-law to the wet market for some meat shopping and stopped by at this same stall for curry noodles :o)

Drinks stall
This nearby drink stall caught our eye with these green "wrigglers" and we stopped to try it.

Cendol Dessert
The cendol drink here is unlike the Indian version and till then, I didn't know there was a Chinese Cendol version. Not as rich as the former version ... this was more akin to our Ais Kacang. One expecting true cendol style would be disappointed, so have no expectations except to quench one's thirst, which it did.

Happy at work!
The boss is one happy lady ... happily working away and even posed for me to take this shot!

Happy Meal Cafe

Happy Meal Cafe
Moving out of Chinatown area a bit, we made our way to Happy Meal Cafe at Jalan Tun H S Lee solely for one reason ...

Durian Puffs
To get ourselves some durian puffs - a box of 4 for RM2.40 (this was back in late 2007, not sure if that's still the same price now).

Durian Puffs
These durian puffs were yummy -given that price, I didn't expect chunks of durian flesh but it was adequately mixed with the fresh cream. We got what RM2.40 gave :o).

We also tried out the noodles at the famous at Lorong Yap Ah Loy but the noodles were below average, hence I shan't write or post pics about it! Read more from Precious Pea about this trip HERE.

I need to go down to Petaling Street more often ;o), we all should!

In solitude we give passionate attention to our lives, to our memories, to the details around us
- Virginia Woolf


Hazza said...

great blog - always nostalgic to see pics of this place. been going there since the 70s.

Meng said...

Nice photos and article. I have not been to Madras lane wet market in over 15 years. The bowl of laksa brought back a lot of memories. There was a guy selling fried carrot cake near by and the haunted infamous Madras theatre.

ilene said...

Many many moons ago, during my paktor days, I would stop by for a bowl of the assam laksa. Sometime before and sometime after a movie at Rex cinema. My dad's eyes almost pop out when I brought him to that market area to eat the assam/curry laksa! :-)

ai wei said...

one thing i dislike about the Madras Lane is the seats!!! we cannot simply sit where we want. bad experience that we were scolded from the aunty of first store (selling curry mee if not mistaken) :( we wanna ordered her plates and brought over to the table next few stalls. but hor, she asked us to sit at her place ><

foodbin said...

I've tried the laksa and it's good.

Precious Pea said...

Thanks for doing the revisit with me...hahaha...chicken poo poo really really stinko hor??

Tummy Rumble said...

you make me wanna make that trip down to petaling street... darn.. just when I can't find the time.. ahahahaha.. thanks for sharing :)

mimid3vils said...

I love Asam Laksa there but only open at evening :(

J2Kfm said...

Eh Madras Lane's CCF is one of the to-try on my list lah. No matter how long it has been there.

wmw said...

Hazza : So, you visited this place during your previous few trips back here?

Meng : Thanks! Gulp...haunted???

Ilene : I miss Rex cinema!

Ai Wei : Oh yah...that too. Not only there but even the Medan Selera in SS2 is the same.

foodbin : What about the other food there? What's your verdict?

Precious P : You're most welcome. I always enjoy our outings :o)

Tummy Rumble : You should ... get a blast from the past :o)

mimid3vils : Only the assam laksa? You don't like food from the other stalls?

J2Kfm : You mean YTF? Madras Lane's YTF is famous. I guess it's similar to the ones in Ipoh, fried fresh on the spot.

Hazza said...

yes, esp to yook woo hin for the ultimate trip down memory lane!

CUMI & CIKI said...

eh, i totally love this market, thought it's smelly. they leg sticking out.. oh poor cute piggy! LOL

anyway, assam laksa and curry laksa are my favourites too. If I had to pick.. curry! That shot of the curry laksa looks way too oily.. I LIKE!

c said...

hey! gosh so that's what markets look like huh? =) it's been a long time since i've been to one, even in malaysia!

they're a rarity these days.

Simon Seow said...

Wah, I think it's been more than a year I didn't go to Petaling Street for food already.

wmw said...

Hazza : time you're in town, maybe we could do a trip here!

Cumi&Ciki : I prefer the curry over the assam laksa too.

c: Yes, good to be reminded, eh?

Simon : Should go lo...before it disappears, never know...

Anonymous said...

yep-- right on -- mp will pass on this adventure to Petaling St ... i can still remember the stench - yikes!!