Friday, March 05, 2010

Sim"pho" Satisfaction ...

There was an onslaught of all those Yee Sang and dishes after dishes of artery clogging rich food - a grand celebration during the festive period of Chinese New Year. Actually, while being thankful that I am and also in the company of folks who loves to eat and to have such a luxury when compared to the less fortunate, I look forward to something simple most of the time. "Simple" in itself is also rather subjective, depending on different individuals. To me, simple can be just as satisfying at times (putting aside my failed attempts at cake baking or trying out new recipes!!!!) and best explained that a simple meal is one that puts the warmth not only in my tummy but my smile. This was such a meal, another invite .... a home cooked one (yes...just like my earlier "Hearty Meal" post). This time round for ... Vietnamese Beef Noodles!


Vietnamese Beef Noodles (Pho)

Thanks Korean Princess & Queen for the fabulous Phở. I am honoured to be the sole guest in your kingdom and to be able to partake such a meal :o). I would also like to thank my other friends too for all those other occasions where great food were prepared with blood, sweat (the hot weather is a killer!) & tears (from those onion slicing, hehehe...) and most of all, for inviting me into your home . I'm truly blessed indeed!

TGIF .... Here's to the weekend! Have a great one :o)


babe_kl said...

u r so lucky to be able to partake a hearty bowl of homemade pho!

cfm said...

home made pho!

i'd give anything for a bowl of home made pho !!! there's this one stall at new town pj i used to go to, but it's years ago, think it's closed down now.

wmw said...

babe_kl : Yah, lovely stuff.

cfm : Come back and take me there, we'll check whether it's still around :o)