Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Delicious Time @ Delicious Times & D'lish New Menu Launch

I have got to play catch up with all the recent activities that I have been up to ... back from Taiwan (yes, that means I will be blogging on my Taiwan trip, hopefully soon!) and straight back at the desktop :o).

I had a great time, a delicious time as a matter of fact when I was invited to the launch of Delicious Times (Delicious Group new in house magazine) and D'lish new menu last month. Naturally, what can one expect except a great time and great food by the Delicious Group! Thanks to Simon who got a table right under a spotlight, we were able to take photos of the food served in an otherwise dim surrounding. With salads, canapes and desserts (not forgetting the great entertainment - Adibah Noor and Instant Cafe Theatre), there were lots of samplers that night and I didn't manage to try them all, let alone capture all of them but here are the highlights of the launch (in no particular order).

Delicious Times Mag & Food
Delicious Times Mag/Prawn Cocktails on Baby Romaine/Haloumi & Watermelon Salad

Chargrilled Baby Octopus with Harissa
Char grilled Baby Octopus - I love these!

Meena arrived with her latest toy, the Lumix GF1. Yes, this is one of the highlight of that night too for us :o)

Mushroom Salad
The wonderful Mushroom Salad

Mini Beef Burger

Love me tender Mini Beef Burger :o)

D'lish new menu
Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwich - while I'm not really a fan of tomato soup, the Grilled Cheese Sandwich was absolutely yummy!
The Vietnamese Spring Roll/Peking Duck tasted pretty standard - not sure if it's because it's been prepared and sitting around for awhile.

Smoked Salmon On Rosti
Spoonfuls of Smoked Salmon on Rosti. These looked good and I actually ate one though my friends would know that any fish dish hardly goes near my mouth, hahaha ... they were tasty.

Grilled NY Strip

Grilled NY Strip

Chicken Hot Dog

Chicken Hot Dog!
Great bite to it...

Corn Beef Spaghetti with Thai Basil

Corn Beef Spaghetti with Thai Basil. This pasta was very flavourful though a tad oily for me but I suppose it's usually that way when it comes to Corn Beef?

Open Face Ox Tongue Sandwich (Wholemeal Bread)
Open Face Ox Tongue Sandwich (Wholemeal Bread)

And desserts ... cupcakes! The sweetness level was bearable as compared to the usual sweet round things :o)

It was a fun night, as us floggers caught up with each other over food! Great new delicious food for all to try! Aih ... It's past midnight and I'm hungry. It's time to plan another visit to D'lish again! :o)

I'm trying to eat better. And, I do feel wise after drinking tea. After eating vegetables, I just feel hungry. ~ Carrie Latet


J said...

Love the cheeky little name tags...
(Meena is delicious!)

And wonderful photos as always... :)

jason said...

Welcome back! Ox tongue with bread sounds a bit too exotic to me...

Simon Seow said...

I had a few glasses of vodka and whiskey near the end of the night and then still manage to go to Mid Valley to watch Iron Man 2 lol

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

It was so good to meet up with you again, WMW! thanks for featuring my neck. Wonder if Edward might be interested in a bite...:-P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i tried their ribs from their new menu, must say it was quite good!

Life for Beginners said...

Now, now. If we take a bit of Meena, we must surely take a bite out of WMW too. A balance of sour and sweet, perfection and bliss. :)

(Don't ask me who's sweet and who's sour though, haha.)

wmw said...

J : Yup, love the name tag :o)

Jason : Thought you love exotic? ;oP

Simon : Me too, a couple but was okay.

Lyrical L : Surely, Edward would be. But I'm rooting for Jacob to go for me! Hahaha...

Joe : Ooo...great!

LFB : Like I said...I want Jacob to go for my neck :o)