Sunday, June 27, 2010

Night View in San Francisco - Twin Peaks, Castro & Broadway

The weekend is here and almost coming to an end.  While I'm still recuperating from my Taiwan trip (the schedule was hectic!), here are some shots of the night view in San Francisco.

If you're ever in San Francisco, make sure you go up to Twins Peak for it's one of the best spots for a great view of the city.  Be it day time or night time, the view of San Francisco city from Twin Peaks is breathtaking!

Night view 
at Twin Peaks

Night view from Twin Peaks
That's the Golden Gate Bridge at the top left hand corner

Then, we come back "down to earth" to catch some neon lights ...


Castro, the largest and well known gay neighbourhood in San Francisco


LOOK at Castro area
LOOK before you cross.  Cute!

Broadway Street, San Francisco's red light district area


San Francisco is and has remained as one of my favourite places to visit.  Though I've been here a number of times, I just keep coming back for more.  It's a beautiful city that you'll fall in love with :o)  Sigh...when will I see you again, San Francisco?


P.S.  Remember to submit your Income Tax Return Form. Then we can have a great week :o)


J said...

You left your heart in San Fransisco? :)
(Sorry for the corny reference to the old song.... :P)

It looks like a really beautiful place - I hope I can visit there one day... *dreams*

ilene said...

Certainly agree with you - a beautiful place indeed! Would love to go back but don't know whether my backside now can sit for so long in the plane! hahaha....

vialentino said...

wow nice and beautiful place indeed!

CUMI & CIKI said...

lovely special effects! i wanna go.. :)

wmw said...

J : You M.U.S.T go!

Ilene : Take medication and sleep thru the flight :o)

vialentino : Make a trip there if you haven't been there. Lovely experience.

C&C : Go, go..go!

Anonymous said...

loved the moving traffic-mp