Sunday, August 08, 2010

"Legendary" Dry Fried Chicken Wings @ San Tung, San Francisco

We had to...we just had to. We had to taste the "legendary" dry fried chicken wings at San Tung Chinese Restaurant. It seems like everyone one else had to too!

San Tung Chinese Restaurant
Patient customers waiting for tables outside San Tung Chinese Restaurant ...

Shrimp & Leek Dumplings
Before we wax lyrically on poultry, it's been said that the shrimp & leek dumplings (USD6.50 for 12 small dumplings) are good here too ... The ground shrimp and Chinese chives gave more flavour as compared to those that comes with a whole shrimp to my opinion. It was pretty good and I definitely enjoyed this better than the ...

Steamed Potstickers
Steamed Potstickers (USD6 for 8 pieces) - the ground pork and napa cabbage blend had a slight hint of ginger...this was average fare to me.

And now....I present to you the "Legendary" Dry Fried Chicken

Dry Fried Chicken Wings
Dried Fried Chicken Wings

There can be some confusion about this dish when ordering. You can have a choice of having these in wings or diced (boneless). I've seen most people order the wings though. There are two versions of this, both @ USD9 per order : -

Original Dry Fried Chicken (which comes with very much less sauce but the chicken will still have the sticky sweet sauce) and

Dry Fried Chicken (wet) - Really, that's what is printed on the menu! This comes with lots more spicy garlic sauce with roasted red peppers. Errr...I don't know how can one still call it dry fried when it comes wet.

It was absolutely delicious and wonderful....and we're talking about REAL finger licking good stuff here. So much so, we put in a second order after the bunch of us polished off the first one like piranhas! Hahaha... It's sweet and spicy and a slight crisp is still retained albeit it's smothered with all that sauce. The dry fried chicken did live up to the hype. I could just come here and feast on the wings...and nothing but the wings. Well, who would have known that I had flown almost ten thousand miles to discover that San Francisco serves up some fantastic tasting chicken wings at San Tung and at Capital Restaurant (which is much nearer to me) at Clay Street. For me, restaurants in the Klang Valley have yet to dish up that much yumminess with chicken wings. The quest is on...

San Tung Chinese Restaurant
1031 Irving Street
(between 11th Ave & 12th Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94122

Tel : (415) 242 0828
Daily (closed on Wednesdays) 11am-9.30pm

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K said...

It sure looks good! :D

J said...

Oh mannnnn... How lah? I want to eat but they are so far awaaaaayyyy. :(

(Haha.. Yeah loh. Why is it so confused? Wet but dry fried chicken wings?)

jason said...

The wings looks absolutely scrumptious with a hint of oriental touch!

CUMI & CIKI said...

looks great but needless to say expensive.. cannot or should not convert;)

Life for Beginners said...

Haha, I like how it can be both WET and DRY at the same time... but looks soooo good... One day, I shall try, when I *sings, "visit San Francisco..."*


wmw said...

K : Taste great too!

J : Don't cry...for now, I have to settle for lesser tasting chic wings back here in Klang Valley.

Jason : Yalah...go SFO!

Cumi&Ciki : Great...can't convert. So cheap for Americans to eat that whole plate for USD9!

LFB : WET n DRY, HOT and COLD...hahaha...Yes, do visit SFO! Not just for the chicken wings but for the sights too! LOL!