Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekend View

I wish I was back in San Francisco again .... enjoying such views of the Golden Gate Bridge. I'm missing it :o(

Light At The End Of The Tunnel
I wish I could ... take a drive for a scenic view

I wish I could ... sail away on to the horizon

Golden Gate Bridge
I wish I could ...see such beautiful swirling clouds again

View Ahead
I wish I could ... just see the breathtaking view again

Having Fun
I wish I could ... be a kid again, doing the silliest of things and be so easily satisfied ;op

Golden Gate Bridge
I wish ...

What do you wish for?

I'll try to have a great weekend ... hahaha....


ai wei said...

i wish i could travel with you!!! *please stuff me into ur luggage next time* :P

ilene said...

Hey there my friend! Weekend's here - stop dreaming and go and have yourself an enjoyable and relaxing time! God bless.

uLi.佑莉 said...

Nice pix :)

J said...

Bee-yew-tee-FUL! :)
(Lovely shots as usual. You make me wanna jump on a plane to San Fran like, right now!)

Life for Beginners said...

Oh the view, the view! I've never been, and all your posts over time has made me crave to visit San Fran more and more... :)

tigerfish said...

No fog? You are lucky!

wmw said...

Ai Wei : No need so san foo...I'm sure one day you'll be "sitting on a seat" on the plane to go there. Hahaha

Ilene : Sob! Sob!

uLi : Thanks for the compliment...

J : Do's a beautiful place.

LFB : Bring Devil'll both love it!

tigerfish : Yes, it was a lovely day :o)