Friday, October 01, 2010

Eating Malacca In Half A Day

What does one do if one is given a day in Malacca, well half a day more like it? Why, eat of course! Hahaha....So, the weekend is creeping up soon, and I love short weekend trips, impromptu ... throw caution to the wind, jump into the car and drive away towards the horizon. Oh well, at least towards Malacca's horizon for this post :o)

So what did we do? With limited time, we headed for the usual spots ...

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice
4, Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker St)
7.30am-4pm, closes last Wednesday of the month

Somewhere already familiar to me (blogged one of my previous visits HERE), we sat down and put in our usual orders and in a jiffy, the food arrived.
Hoe Kee Rice Balls
Eating rice balls more for the sake of novelty as I do find it a tad mushy for me. However, it's still tasty.

Hoe Kee Chicken
And then, the mandatory order of chicken

Rice Ball Drizzled with Black Sauce
And to make it even yummier, I normally drizzle my chicken rice with some black sauce. Don't know why, been eating chicken rice this way since I was a kid.

So what is next on the list? Desserts of course!
Jonker 88
Known as Museum Cafe, Jonker Dessert 88 gave us a bit of reprieve from the hot sun as we managed to get a table though it was pretty crowded when we reached there. What more ... we had icy desserts to slurp on :p We enjoyed looking around the cafe; spotting some memorabilia from the past that gave a special feel to the place. We actually sat for quite awhile till the crowd was gone (see the pic above!).
Baba Cendol
Ash's Baba Cendol - with the standard fragrant palm sugar/Gula Melaka, coconut milk and ice shavings over a bed of cendol. It tasted great though I'm not one who like chewing on the green bean flour thingy :o)

Sago Cendol
Kev's Sago Cendol with the same make up but with additional Sago; starch from the sago palm.

Baba Ice Kacang
I opted for the usual Ice Kacang ... with all the usual condiments. I really enjoyed it as the Gula Melaka was thick and rich in flavour and everything else just tasted heavenly when the ice melted with the blend of coconut milk. Ahhh....lovely!

Jonker Dessert 88 (Museum Cafe)
Jonker Walk Jalan Hang Jebat

Daily 10.00am - 6.00pm
Saturdays 10.00am - 10.00pm

After walking around and checking out the other sights in Malacca...we decided to do an early dinner before we head back home to KL. We settled on Capitol Satay Celup. Sort of a steamboat with skewered meat or vegetables, the skewers are dipped into the peanut sauce with comprises of many types of spices like dried chili, lemon grass, turmeric and galangal too (to name a few).
Capitol Satay Celup

Since we were early, we had to wait for them to set up the table and prepare the sauce right in front of us (or maybe they do this throughout the course?) We picked our selection from the display chiller ... I had found it rather odd to be placing the skewers right onto the tray that folks normally use as a serving tray and not onto plates :s

Capitol Satay Celup

I find eating Satay Celup to be a rather messy experience. Hahhaa....sauce bubbling hot and over, skewers that left a trail of sauce on the table while being transferred from the pot to the plate, pork balls that decided to make a "run for it". I came with great expectations but felt that it fell short on the taste factor. I must say that we had fun eating here though, it's a great eating activity for groups!

Capitol Satay Celup Restaurant
Lorong Bukit Cina
Tel : 06-2835508, 012-2295505
Daily from 5:00 pm (Closed on Monday)

Traveling to eat like this is fun, we should all do this more often and for those who haven't, why don't you start now? Not everything needs to be planned ;o)

Carpe Diem! Have a great weekend :o)


Kenny Mah said...

Your first two picks are my choices every time I drop by Malacca for a quick lunch run before continuing to JB or Singapore... and it's worth the detour! :)

jason said...

I think going there on a weekday is a good choice to avoid the crowds!

ilene said...

Like Kenny, I too would detour for the chicken rice ball, when on transit to S'pore. (Mum's favourite Peranakan dishes one of which, curry kapitan)!

Doing things impromptu is fun and exciting eh?

Jo said...

that jonker 88, other than the ambience, feel that it is a bit of a tourist trap. Not that nice (gula melaka is bitter?) and pricey.

Capitol also another trap.

love the nyonya laksa stalls though. yum...

1/2 day not enough lor...

Dr Tan said...

the cendol at jonker 88 has to be the worst I've tasted man... seriously, I thought they had a bad day when it came out so badly, so I made another trip down to jonker street during another of my visit to be disappointed again.. This time, it was even worst than the first due to the festive season.. I'll never go back to jonker 88..

wmw said...

LFB : How often do you do that? Blessed!

Jason : Of course :o)

Ilene : Yes, now when you wanna eat ice-cream?

Jo : I found it good and so did my other two friends. Odd..but agree with you about Capitol.

Tummy Rumble : As I mentioned above, odd that my friends and I enjoyed it. I had the Ice Kacang though, not the Cendol. But even that my friend liked it. You said it was bad, what was wrong with your order?