Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lazing around Sitiawan

The holiday came and gone and we're back at work.  Luckily, the weekend is just around the corner, YAY!  Continuing with Sitiawan, we came to realise that Sitiawan folks are friendly people as it was the case with Charles and his family.  Believe it or not, the whole group of us even hung out at his neighbour's house - yes, someone whom we just met for the first time!  After picking up the paus from Yee Si and filling our tummies with Kampua Noodles, Charles took us back to his house to clean up and rest.

Where we stayed

Then he told us about his neighbour who has the best botanical garden in Sitiawan and brought us all over! The friendly neighbour gave us a warm welcome and asked us to make ourselves at home (to which at this time, I went round taking photos of his lovely garden).


Koi Pond

Not long after, we sat at his bar area and chilled; drinking beer and started a karaoke session.  Seems that most homes in Sitiawan are equipped with karaoke systems as it's one of the favourite pastimes there :o).  I could retire here I think, hahaha....



Even the clouds in the sky look was so lovely and serene. Yup, with all the lovely folks we met - aptly named Sitiawan (a portmanteau of Setia Kawan - Loyal Friend) has it charms; it's great for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.


To be continued....



J said...

That's not a house, it's more like a resort!! :)
(So nice... I wish I could have a house like that too)

Life for Beginners said...

That is sure some neighbour! I wish I had a garden like that! (Bet Devil would love the karaoke system too, haha.)

smallkucing said...

Happy weekend to you too.

Didnt know setiawan have such serene place. Must go there and walk around one of these days

jason said...

Wow, the sky is lovely!

wmw said...

J : Well, seems housing is rather affordable here...come get your "resort home" here.

LFB : I wish too!

smallkucing : Eat too :o)

Jason : Yah...the clouds so nice.

C said...

Wow he has his own bar?! Was there a keg in behind the bar itself?

That's a sweet garden.....skies look lovely. I haven't seen proper blue sky yet. Stuck in my 4 walls for too long.

Too much smog in KL I may retire to Sitiawan too!