Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Sights - Las Vegas

Here's Las Vegas during daytime under the hot scorching sun, we headed into Planet Hollywood Hotel to cool down. Stay tuned for night time shots....

It's Sunday (so soon???), and back to a whole new week ahead soon. Don't fight it, embrace it :o).

Hot Day

Much More

Louis Vuitton
I took this shot for a reason ... wanted to make sure that the unique Louis Vuitton building was indeed similar to Canada's Royal Ontario Museum, architecture conceived by the same man, Daniel Libeskind


INew York, New York
New York, New York

Ultimate Coke
Ultimate Coke

Pink! (Can you spot "Michael Jackson" in the pic?)

Talk about weight on your shoulders...

Direct To You
Now, they have this "Direct-To-You" service...flesh trade is the oldest and longest surviving profession all over the world.

Planet Hollywood

Around The World


Planet Hollywood
Inside Planet Hollywood

Wear Lucky
I like this lit signboard ...

Here's to Mondays! ;o)


J said...

Its so cool! Everything there seems so vibrant and larger than life.... :)

Small Kucing said...

gosh! so beautiful. I bet if i go there my head will keep turning everywher observing the sights.

Btw, I have moved to
Thank you very much for following me in my old blog. Hope to see you in my new blog too.

have a nice day :D

montreal flower said...

It's really interesting street. Very funny!

wmw said...

J : Stay tuned for night scenes!

Small Kuching : Thanks for visiting my blog too :o)

Montreal Flower : :o)