Friday, January 07, 2011

Open 24/7 ! Pho Pasteur - Toronto, Canada

And now we head back to Canada ... after resting a while in the hotel, we were feeling hungry and decided to grab an early dinner so that we can head back to the hotel and have an early night since we did so much traveling that day.  Bro-in-law (BIL) had Googled and did all the homework and soon enough we found our lunch venue (thanks to the GPS!).

Pho Pasteur

Vietnamese Food 24/7!
Are my eyes THAT bad? 24/7??? Did I read it right?  Gosh, if Pho Pasteur was back in Klang Valley-I think I would have fainted from all the joy that I felt!  Alas, it's not in Klang Valley but in Canada that one can find Vietnamese food round the clock, 24 hours a day!

Spring Roll and Grilled Pork Chop Noodles
Grilled Pork Chop and Spring Roll Noodles (CAD8.50) was mom's order.  She absolutely enjoyed this.  The spring roll was generous in filling and the lemongrass grilled pork chop was juicy.  Topped with a generous portion of julienned vegetables and crushed peanuts, the whole ensemble was harmoniously pleasant!

Mixed meat Noodle (soup)
Mixed meat noodle soup (CAD7.50).  Generous portions of squid, prawn, prawn crackers(!) with your choice of noodles.  This is just one big bowl of goodness, all round.

Mix meat noodle (dry)
CAD7.50 for a small portion, which still look pretty big to me!  Dry mixed meat noodles is also available.

Vietnamese Sausage with Flour Rolls
My order of Vietnamese Sausage (ham) with Flour Rolls - and my love for Chee Cheong Fun! Served with the vege salad on the side, this was a simple meal but a satisfying one ...
... and I love dipping the flour rolls and ham into the citrusy and vinegarish fish sauce

Pho Tai Nam ("rare" beef brisket)
BIL's Pho Tai Nam (CAD7.75 for a medium bowl) - soup noodle with rare beef brisket.  BIL enjoyed it a lot - a hearty serving of noodles with flavourful soup and  with thinly sliced beef that was cooked to perfection after leaving them a while longer in the hot broth. Yes, the Pho is good :o)

Night scene
After such a hearty meal, we took a short drive around town to enjoy some night scenery...

CN Tower at night
and stopped by CN Tower to admire this 553.3 metre tall building (that's 1,815 feet!).  Read more about CN Tower HERE

View from my hotel room
Then it was time to call it a night .... here's the view from my hotel room window.  Well, I'm calling it a night too.  Ahhh...if only there were good Vietnamese restaurants here in Klang Valley opened 24/7!  Night night folks ....

Pho Pasteur
525 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M5T 1H4
Tel : (416) 351-7188
Open 24/7

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J said...

Ah well, in Malaysia there are no 24 hour Vietnamese places (as far as I know) but luckily we have an abundance of other food around the clock! :)
(Very dangerous for the waistline! lol)

RabbitAnne said...

Not only the waistline.. To the heart, to the lungs and liver.. Kidneys too.. But F.A.T. is "never-mind".. LOL..

Slim said...

I enjoyed reading this blog. Please visit my blog too, it's new. Thanks (:

wmw said...

J : But how nice if I could have some pho in the middle of the night! :o)

RabbitAnne : Hahaha...Thanks for dropping by.

Slim : Thanks.....will do.