Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eating Pundut, Sitiawan

Yes, we're still in Sitiawan! :o) Charles took us around for a drive to give us some time to digest our dinner as he was adamant that we try another round of Kampua noodles; better than the one he took us to eat earlier that day. When asked where, he said "It's in Pundut". When asked what's the name of the stall, he answered "It's Pundut". "It's called Pundut because it's in Pundut", he added! After our earlier experience, why am I not surprised? Hahaha....Well, I just shrugged my shoulders and prepared myself for the great food.

Pundut Noodle Stall

Pundut Noodle Stall
We arrived at this wooden house .... standing right there, I love the feel of the place. This place definitely has character.

Kampua Noodles
Here's Pundut version of Kampua Noodles.  Yup, definitely tasted better.  The noodles were al-dente, well covered with dark sauce, shallot oil and possibly some sauce from the BBQ Pork and was absolutely fragrant,  The BBQ Pork slices (char siew) were average but sit them in the pool of gravy for a while and these "average Joes" became "yummy hunks". Hahaha.... this reminds me of the other "rugged" char siew in Salak South :o)

Assam Laksa
The Assam Laksa (yes, a plate of Kampua Noodles and a bowl of Assam Laksa shared by the four of us - Charles had his own bowl!) was pretty good too. The acidity or the tamarind juice was just right and we enjoyed slurping up the lai fun

Old wooden house in Pundut
Considering the population of this area...one could say that half of the town folks are eating here. Hahaha....Well, it was definitely pricier (around RM5/bowl)  than that earlier batch but it made up for it in terms of taste :o)

Driving around
Goodnight Sitiawan :oP 

To Be Continued ...


J said...

Ooh. Love sour+spicy laksas! (That one looks good!)

jason said...

Hahahaa, the eating pundut sounds like eating buntut!

Small Kucing said...

Sound likethis place is hard to find. But the looks of the food is very tempting.

wmw said...

J : I prefer the kampua noodles :o).
Go Pundut!

Jason : That was why I titled it that way...LOL!

Small Kucing : Guess you have got to get a local to take you around.

foodbin said...

food looks good-worthwhile to try it out.

mycookinghut said...

The assam laksa looks delish!