Sunday, January 16, 2011

Charismatic Canada! Lovely Pics! Part Two

It's already Sunday! I'm not sure where my Saturday went ... and here we are, already two weeks into 2011!  I'll be posting up my pics of Canadian (from Ontario) scenes.  As I was looking through the folder, I remember just how much I love Canada (and not because I'm a great fan of "Castle") as there is really so much to love about it!  So enjoy the pics this round, there's more to come!

CN Tower Reflection
CN Tower reflection

Friendly Policeman
Friendly cop on bike

Miracle Whip
Gotta love Miracle Whip! A shot from the car ...

Wokking On Wheels
Wokking On Wheels ... cute name!

Bata Musuem
Ooo...The Bata Shoe Museum.  I didn't know of its existence in Canada till that day.  Read more about the museum HERE.   It's located at Bloor St. West in downtown Toronto.

Another solid masonry building?
I'm also absolutely smitten by some of the solid masonry houses that I came across (or are these plain brick veneer buildings?)

Love the brick buildings
Love 'em ...

Solid Masonry!
Another captivating solid masonry building...

Why are you taking pics of me?
A squirrel - not too pleased with my intrusion...hahaha....

Inside ROM
And here is a an interior shot of  a section in ROM - the Royal Ontario Museum ...

ROM stainless steel chairs
These modern stainless steel chairs actually made a good spot for taking portrait shots...I ended up taking portrait shots of the whole family (plus individual shots too).  Initially no one really bothered taking photos while seated here but when they saw how much fun we were having, some other museum visitors started taking shots in these seats too.

Portrait shot of mom
Here's Mom! :o)

The ROM building is an absolutely mind boggling beautiful work of art itself ...

Isn't it amazing?  Remember my blog post on the Louis Vuitton building in Las Vegas? Check out the similarity HERE!  Well, but of course - both architecture are conceived by the same man, Daniel Libeskind. *swept away by the beauty of the Royal Ontario Museum building*

I wanna visit Canada again!!!!!

Meanwhile ... Happy Weekend, everyone :o)


Keiichi said...

Cool pictures!

ai wei said...

i love castle too! and the cute squirrel!!!

Katie said...

Great photos! We're hoping to do some traveling around Canada and Ontario is definitely one of our planned destinations. Oh - and how great is Castle? We only became hooked about a week ago and we're already halfway through season 2! Castle marathons every night! :)

J said...

The squirrel is cute but it does look rather startled/ annoyed.
(Luvverly photos once again! You definitely make me want to visit Canada too)

uLi.佑莉 said...

Great pix :)

Ciki said...

Wow! that ROM building is totally giving me vertigo! love it.. so modern. i want that chair in my home!LOL

wmw said...

Keiichi : Thanks for the compliment ;o)

Ai Wei : Yalah...waiting for these two Canadians to kiss! Hahaha....

Katie : Oooh...Quebec is lovely too, you should head over there too. Yes, Castle is great!

J : I think I prefer this part of Canada over Vancouver side.

uLi : Thank you. Happy New Year!

C&C : Yes, it's really amazing. You should go check it out for real!