Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kyoto House @ Dundas Street, Toronto

Kyoto House Japanese Restaurant

Now, there were mixed reviews about this place.  Kyoto House Japanese Restaurant serves ala carte and also All You Can Eat $13 lunch and $19 dinner. Approaching with caution as bro-in-law did a print out of eateries in the area, we were aware this wasn't top in the list.  However, it seemed to be what we were drawn to among all the other eateries in this particular area after we walked round the few blocks a couple of times!  We entered Kyoto House and found it to be a rather cozy place.  Deciding not to go for the buffet, we ordered ala carte instead.  We gave our standard Japanese fare order and wondered how it would be. It should fare better and definitely safer than ordering something that was different from the usual.  So, was it as bad as some of the reviews about this place?

Special Sushi
Special Sushi $9.99 Bro-in-law enjoyed this ... 

Unagi Don
Unagi Don $11.99 - generous serving of unagi on a bed of rice.

Katsu Don
Katsu Don $9.99  A usual crowd pleaser, this was pretty good

Tempura Udon $9.99...
...served with Tempura on the side.  Fried beautifully and stayed crisp till the last bite of the udon.

Kyoto House Japanese Restaurant
Maybe we didn't go in with high expectations and the dining experience here turned out to be pleasant.  I wouldn't say that it was great but we definitely didn't have a bad experience at Kyoto House like some folks did.  But I guess, different strokes for different folks :o)  If you happen to be in the area, you can come to a verdict of your own.

Kyoto House Japanese Restaurant
143 Dundas Street W
Toronto ON M5G 1C5

Tel : (416) 585 2223

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jason said...

How bad were those reviews?

wmw said...

Jason : Do a search and you'll see...