Monday, May 30, 2011

Viva La Vida @ Vivo, Tropicana City Mall Petaling Jaya

Ah...time flies. Mrs Pitt has come and gone and now I'm easing back into my old routine. It was great to have Mrs Pitt around and I only wished she could have stayed longer but all good things must come to an end. It was a crazy two weeks that we had, crazy but nice as it meant two weeks of family time. Mrs Pitt came back smack in the middle of our infamous Malaysian "heatwave"-we were "melting" in the sweltering heat. Hahaha....well, Mrs Pitt survived and she's now on her way back to San Francisco for a cooler reprieve while the rest of us are trying to cope with the heat.

I just realised that I never got round to taking Mrs Pitt to try out one of my favourite "cool" desserts.... Located nearby at Tropicana City Mall (errr....on a side note, was shock to read about the topless Vietnamese woman who had fallen to her death from the condo and onto the mall car park driveway area, not sure which condo it was, mine or next building!...err...sorry I digress!).

Okay, back to the good things in life...where was I??? Oh yes, my fave dessert in Tropicana City Mall. Presenting.....

Blueberry Pizza with Ice Cream
The blueberry pizza on its own is ok but eat it with ice cream and it becomes lip smacking good! You can choose the ice cream flavours but I like it best with vanilla ice cream (I usually add an extra scoop of vanilla ice cream). Try it!

Meanwhile, here are some of the other fave orders whenever I'm at Vivo, Tropicana City Mall. I somehow find that the food here tastes better than the one in Curve....all the better for me, as it's nearer. Try this outlet at Tropicana City Mall and see if you agree with me :o).

Creamy Mushroom Pasta
And love it I did ... Fresh shiitake mushrooms slow fried with butter and garlic, finished with home-style creamy tomato sauce. Yes, it's rich. Yes, it's flavourful - nothing like tucking into a pasta meal like this when I love mushrooms, butter and garlic (precisely)!

Bed Of Mushrooms Pizza
Oh...last but not least, I must mention the savoury pizza that I like to order too...Bed of Mushrooms (I love mushrooms, remember?)....Generous toppings of mushrooms, almond flakes, cream cheese with pesto sauce. I usually order the thin crust pizza. Yes, it's really "VIVO"licious.

Vivo has quite an extensive menu and while I've not been able to try out every single item, I have found my Vivo favourites. I didn't like Vivo before (the one in Curve) but Vivo in Tropicana City Mall changed my mind.

Vivo @ Level 1
L1-55, Tropicana City Mall
No. 3 Jana SS20/27
47400 Petaling Jaya,

Tel : +603 7726 7217

Have a great week folks!


jason said...

Owh... blueberry pizza sounds sangat sedap lor! And there's incident at the mall!? gasp

wmw said...

Jason : Belum try? Try it! Google about the incident ;o)