Friday, July 08, 2011

Friday Glee : Sentidos Tapas, Jake's & Spice of India @ Feast Village, Starhill

The last part of the food pic series on Starhill's Midsummer Nights Feast 2011 ends with this post (today is also the last day of the event).   For further enquiries and reservations, do call +603-2782 3855.

We start of with Sentidos Tapas and then Spice of India and Jake's.  There were just too much food that day and by the time I made my rounds, it was too late to cover Shook!, Village Bar and Tarbush (making it a total of 13 participating outlets) and didn't get the names of some of the dishes.  It feels like I didn't meet the time of some Masterchef Australia series, hahah...asking questions, taking photos and food tasting, hahaha....(leaving out the main part, cooking!) So, enjoy the pics as much I had enjoyed rushing from one outlet to another :o)

It happens that Sentidos Tapas was also launching some new items on that day. They call it "Out Of The Box" Tasting Menu - inspired by The Fat Duck.  Here's part of the new line up :-

Sparkling Loli-Pop

JD Kissed Chicken Crisps

Mud Crab on Ciabatta

Herb Garden

US Queen Scallop
US Queen Scallop touched by Paprika Emulsion

White Chocolate Caviar

Sentidos Tapas

Sentidos Tapas

Jake's favourite dishes : Cream of carrot soup, Ribeye & Strawberry cheesecake

Spice Of India's offering ...
Spice Of India

Spice Of India

It's Friday....Have a safe great "yellow" weekend! :o)

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Eat Only Lar! said...

I am amazed by how beautiful your photos are, no matter how many times I read your blog. I've passed by the Feast Village so many times but yet to try out any. Would love to try the Indian food when I'm back in KL!

By the way, I’m Wen Ching from Sugar Bean. I’ve moved from the old blog to Can you please update your blogroll? Thank you very much! =)

wmw said...

Thanks for the compliment. These photos were taken with D7000 :o), on loan by my brother :o). Will change the link!