Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kenny's Seafood Porridge @ SS2/4A, Petaling Jaya

I've been patronizing this area of late for several reasons :-

1) Uncle Cheng Special Beef Noodles - read post HERE
2) Mee Diau, Mee Jawa & Dumplings - read post HERE
and for something else that I've eaten now and then but have yet to post till now,
3) Kenny's Seafood Porridge

I didn't recall the stall having the "Kenny" sign on it during earlier times but now this stall has a name...
Kenny's Porridge
Kenny's Seafood Bubur (Porridge).  You can see Uncle Cheng's Special Beef Noodles shop on the left in the background.

Most of you would know that I'm not a fan of seafood, so I usually order the Special Porridge (RM5.50) each time I drop by Kenny's stall.  What's in the "special" porridge?

Special Porridge
Century Egg, Spring Onions, Crispy Fried Anchovies (Ikan Bilis), Crispy Vermicelli, Peanuts, Squid, Fish (but I opted for Chicken instead of fish).

Kenny's Special Porridge

Remember to order the essential side dish ...
Crispy, Crunchy Youtiao (Chinese Crullers)
Youtiao (Chinese Crullers), the ones here are crispy crunchy!

Porridge with Chinese Crullers
As I didn't want soggy crullers, I would eat them bit by bit, one by one, putting only a few in at a time :o)

Kenny's Porridge stall is quite well known for dishing out yummy porridge.  I keep telling myself that I should try out some of the other selection but I keep coming back to the same thing.  I would like to try their Beef Porridge (RM6, extra RM1 for additional beef ball) next time.   During the most recent time I dropped by, Kenny was serving up some specials for the day like Fresh Scallop & Concubine Abalone Porridge (RM11).  They even have Beef Spaghetti! (RM8, Chicken RM7) I was told that since their beef was delicious, they decided to whip up their very own homemade Beef Bolognaise sauce as they had request from their regulars to do so after they tried the Beef porridge.  So, there's a lot more on the menu for me to try ... but for now, porridge anyone?

Directions : Coming from Taman Bahagia LRT on your left, turn right at the traffic lights. Then immediately take the left turn, that would take you to SS2/4A. You will see a row of stalls out in the open. You will come across Kenny's Porridge Stall within the first few stalls  whereas the other famous Kedah Assam Laksa (for the Mee Diau and Mee Jawa) stall is at the end of the row.  Kenny's open around 5.30pm till late and close on Mondays.


J2Kfm said...

Concubine Abalone?!!!
Haha ... though yeah, I can see where you're coming from, avoiding seafood and all.
Good find, but bubur without air-cond? Hmm ...

Small Kucing said...

ooo...i didnt know that area have food. will go try out the beef noodles. The porridge looks good too

ilene said...

Hey, since when got banner? Wonder if they still have their special roast duck ... best!

wmw said...

J2Kfm : Seriously! Haha...I know, it's HOT food to you. Eating it in the evening is not too bad, can handle the heat.

Small Kucing : Uncle Cheng's Beef Noodles are available for lunch daily and dinner only on weekends. Best call to check before going. Contact number on post.

Ilene : I also dunno when. Got meh? Come makan with me!

choi yen said...

seem like a nice porridge place :)

meichi said...

i so wana try this porridge...it looks so tempting...argghh

wmw said...

Choi Yen : Try the porridge and maybe the spaghetti???

MeiChi : Tempted enough to get into the car and make your way here? :p Enjoy!