Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Le Petit Cochon Dingue, Quebec (& More on Night Quebec!)

We were feeling a bit peckish as after all that walking around and decided to have some snacks at Le Petit Cochon Dingue (which means "Little Crazy Pig").  This is a cozy little place for one to chill with some coffee and pastries.  It was a surprise to me that its bigger premises Le Cochon Dingue is very nearby and while we were having our snacks, we decided that we would do dinner later there too! Hahaha...yes, planning what to eat is very much a part of our holidays, no??? But let's get back to that later....Check out our lovely tea time :o)


What is this place well known for? Sugar Pies!  Assorted ones...


Good ol' Tarte Pom Sucre (Apple Pie) $3.25

Au Sucre ala creme
Tarte Au Sucre ala Creme (Sugar Cream pie) $2.95

Fromage Frais Surprise (Strawberry Cheese Surprise)
Fromage-Fraise Surprise (Strawberry Cheese Surprise) $3.95

Churning them up!
The friendly crew letting me take pics  while he goes about his routine...The wonderful aroma of freshly baked goodies just fills this whole place up! Yummy!

Le Petit Cochon Dingue
24 Blvd Champlain
Tel : 418 694 0303

After we finish our wonderful pies...we walked around a bit further.  Did I tell you that Quebec city is a lovely place??? Hahaha...yes, for the umpteen time :o) Quebec, ahhh...Quebec..

Quebec City

Quebec City

and at night...their al fresco nightlife is quite happening too!  Along the streets, the restaurants and nightspots get crowded as the night closes in ...
Quebec @ night

To be continued ... dinner at the bigger and more crowded Le Cochon Dingue!

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