Monday, December 19, 2011

"Sunny Side Up" Cupcake by O

"Sunny Side Up" Cupcake

Does it look like a sunny side up egg to you? It did to me ... was I fooled! hahaha...This is O's (my nephew) version of "Sunny Side Up" Cupcake.  It's so cute! One of the rare occasions where I was truly pleased that my nephew fooled me! Hahah..

"Sunny Side Up" Cupcake
Lovely...Great job O! Keep it up!

There are many versions out there if one Goggle "Egg Cupcake"...makes me wanna try making one of these cute cupcakes too. Sweet or savoury ones? I would add bacon to a savoury one for sure :o) O, watcha gonna do next?


Small Kucing said...

How to do that? Looks so yummy!

Anonymous said...

Wow-Impressive indeed! H was the flavour? Pls tell him that it was very appetizing. O dhould take baking courses since he has so much interest. Make when I visit? - mr.pitt

wmw said...

Small Kucing : Google for "egg" cupcake ... there are several recipes.

Mr Pitt : When are you visiting?