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Memorable For All The Right Reasons - Le Cochon Dingue, Champlain, Quebec

I had blogged on my tea time at Le Petit Cochon Dingue (Little Crazy Pig) back in October and mentioned about us doing dinner at Le Cochon Dingue (no longer Petit or Little).  It's a bigger place that caters to lots of hungry diners for breakfast, lunch and dinner with its French/European flavours.  It's a charming restaurant that's been around since 1979 - even before you set foot in...the bright orange boots around the building sets you in mood that's just as bright :o).

Le Cochon Dingue, Champlain

Le Cochon Dingue, Champlain

Lovely Bread!
Well, I didn't take a photo of the soup we had but the bread basket that we were given was "attacked" - the bread was simply so delicious ... with a slight crusty exterior and its soft fluffy dough on the inside, we all loved it.  We had to stop ourselves from asking for more as we had to leave some room for our main meals! Actually, most of the bread and pastries we had in Quebec were all marvelous - they never go wrong!

Feuillete Escargot - Snails in Puff Pastry with mushrooms and cream sauce
But even before our mains, this entree was heavenly.  Feuillete Escargot ($6.95) tantalised our taste buds and sent ripples of total enjoyment. The snails and mushroom in the almost perfect puff pastry was a joy to eat; flavourful garlicky and smooth white wine cream sauce which was just delightful.  I'm not ashamed to say that the plate was completely "cleaned" by me.  I mopped up whatever cream there was with the flaky yet soft pastry.  

Pave De Saumon - Salmon Fillet with Basmati Rice
Mom had her usual Salmon fillet that was served with basmati rice and vegetables on the side. The Pave De Saumon ($18.95) made mom happy too :o)

Bavette De Boeuf - Sirloin Steak
Bavette De Bouef ($18.95 for 170 gm) was great too.  The shoestring french fries on the side was a really generous serving - it was like we ordered fries with steak rather than steak with fries.  But we ate quick a lot of it with the tasty homemade mayonnaise that came with it.  Hahaha.....The medium done steak was juicy and fork tender.''

Cotes Levees - Maple Smoked Ribs
Cotes Levees ($18.95)- Maple Smoked Ribs was listed under "American Formula" and is also available in 4 course meal which is what Bro-in-law ordered.  He tucked into this with gusto and was absolutely stuffed at the end of his meal.

The set came with dessert...wasn't too sure what this was - seems to an oat/cereal layered with some cranberries and served with vanilla custard sauce.

Sigh...another lovely meal in Quebec ... another plus point for beautiful Quebec! hahaha...Make it a point to have a meal here in Le Cochon Dingue, it will make your trip more memorable (for the right reasons of course, hahah...)

Le Cochon Dingue
46 Boulevard Champlain
Quebec, QC G1K 4H5, Canada
Tel : 418 692 2013
Website (they have 3 other outlets)

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