Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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Was tagged by Firehorse....(I think I still owe some other bloggers, can't remember! Favourite Fragrance to Lyrical Lemongrass, anymore? Can't remember seriously!) But since this one is on Favourite Food, should be easy peasy, right? Wrong, I have so many favourite food, where to start!?

But if I really have to pick one, it will be my favourite Kuih Tutu. But choosing this as my fave food, I will have to re-tell a story about the man who sold it and not just post a picture of Kuih Tutu. It's hard to find kuih like this nowadays. These kuih are made of rice flour with grated coconut cooked in brown sugar or gula melaka as filling. They are steamed and the pieces of pandan stuck to the back of each piece makes the kuih more fragrant! Cheap and nice, only RM1 for 3 pieces (from an earlier post of mine). It's not only my fave food but I will always remember the man who sold it. He's no longer around and his daughters have taken over. I have written this post before and will repost it here for this tag. For those who I have tagged (see list at the bottom), you don't have to write a long story like mine unless you want to :o)

Originally posted on November 27, 2006

Mr Wong & His Kuih Tutu

I've a story to tell behind the post and pictures today. On Nov 4, I had posted a short farewell message to an uncle who passed away in an accident. He used to sell kuih tutu in the weekly night market in SS2 and in Taman Cheras (Yulek) too.

My friend in Cheras told his daughters (who have been carrying on with the business since the demise of their dad) what I did and they were grateful that someone else remembered their dad too. One of them passed a contact number through her, so that I can email her the link. I smsed her and asked for her email and two days later, I received a call from the uncle's wife.

I never knew my short post would lead to this encounter. It was heartbreaking indeed to have learnt more about the uncle, Mr Wong. Me, being a real softie, tried hard to fight back the tears as Mrs Wong spoke to me. Apparently, it was quite a big blow to Mrs Wong and the rest of the family as Mrs Wong had also lost her son to lung cancer 5 months before the accident claimed Mr. Wong's life. It seems that Mr Wong was feeling tired but had promised a friend to help out with some errands. He was the sort of man who kept his promises. His friend was supposed to pick him up from a designated place but was running really late. As Mr Wong got restless, he decided to drive off to meet some of his other friends first. It was then the accident happened - he drove up the kerb, over the drain and crashed into some trees. Mrs Wong believed that he must have fallen asleep at the wheel for a split second and that cost him his life. He wasn't one to drive fast, and he came across to me as an alert elderly man for someone who's in his 70s, not one who has slow reflexes, I mean.

Mrs Wong tells me it has been hard dealing with the loss and she still looks at his photo every night before she sleeps. He is dearly missed by the family. Only time will help ease the pain and I told her what helped me go through the loss of my dad was to think of all the happy times I had with him. Maybe it would help if she thinks of the happy times she had with Mr Wong too. She had called to thank me for writing about him in my blog and said that if Mr Wong knew, he would have indeed been very happy too that someone thought about him enough to write about him. I then asked if she would send me a pic of him so that I can put in on my blog. I received it last Thursday from her daughter. He must have been in his 50s in the pic. So, today's post is dedicated to Mr Wong and his kuih tutu.

The daughters are doing a great job , the Kuih Tutu still tastes great. Not too much flour and tasty filling. They said they are still doing the business as a way of remembering their Dad. Mr Wong, you would be proud of your daughters. Here's to you Mr. Wong. Have a great new life! And to you, Mrs Wong and family, may your tears be dried, souls be soothed and clouds be lifted, all in good time. Live well...

May you have warm words on a cool evening, a full moon on a dark night, and a smooth road all the way to your door. ~ Irish Toast

***Start Copy***

Proposition: What is your favorite food in your state or country? Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious pictures of it. Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE. Tag Mode: You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.

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FireHorse said...

Tankew for being so effishen, dis story is very heartbreaking :o(

Lee Ping said...

Dear WMW,

You deserve a thinking blogger, photography, and good buddy award.

You donated blood for Ilene's Mom. You still remember your good friend a year after her death.
You write comforting words for your blogging friends.
You are not pretentious.
You are generous, the size of your food photos reflect the size of your heart.
You have given and I hope that one day, I too, can give something to you.

babe_kl said...

thank goodness you din tag me cos i really cant narrow down to one :p LOL

Precious Pea said...

This is tough! I seems to have many many favourite food. How? Can i list down my TOP 20 Favourite Food?Must is be something memorable with long story? Yours so detailed!!!!

Jackson said...

alamak.... u give me a big problem now... i have so many favourte food.... which one to choose from"?? God, help me..

ilene said...

WMW, you are truly amazing! Ever ready to give a helping hand. Wish the world would have more people like you.

To Mrs Wong and her children, I wish your path from here onwards would be a smoother one and may the good Lord above shower you with His good blessings always.

jason said...

Condolences to Mrs. Wong and her family members. The incident makes the kuih tutu tastes more special, isn't it?

mama bok said...

What a nice post.. WMW..!! I agree with lee ping.. totally..!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha i was about to scold y u nvr tag me..until i saw kok went and tag me the exact same thing..

very touchin oh your story..but back to the kuih..enlightening to know the name..nvr knew it was tutu..infact i very jakun..onli tried it for the 1st time bearly a month ago..

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Wow! wmw ah...can cry one your story...ok...only thing is I have so many fave foods I wouldn't know where to start. ;-)

ilene said...

WMW, came back to tell you that I too totally agree with LEE PING. You truly deserve a pat on the back for all your good deeds done without any reservations.

Incidentally, I was at Sec. 14 last night and wanted to take a drive to SS 2 for the soup but somehow tiredness and laziness got the better of me and instead went home to my bed!

Mum's feeling so much better these days and I pray that she will maintain, if not better. Thanks for asking. Oh, before I forget, we've switched to Universiti Hospital as the bills at SJMC created a huge hole in my wallet! But UH is a bit of inconvenience to me but will give it a go and see how things progress from there. Will update you from time to time.

wmw said...

firehorse : Like I said, luckily it's on food..so easier lo. On other topics, might take forever! LOL...

lee ping : How did you know about what I did for Ilene's mom? I don't recall Ilene blogging about it or did I miss it? Thanks a lot for your kind words....I help to the best of my ability. And God has blessed me in return in his own way! :o)

babe_kl: They say to tag 5 only, if it was 6, you'll be in the tag list! Ha ha ha...

precious pea : Cannot lah, do just one...think...if you are on an island, which one food do you want to have with you? Hee hee...

Jackson : I know you are living in food heaven but do tag like this also want God to help you ah? LOL

wmw said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wmw said...

ilene : Don't mention it....UH is nearer to my place. If you are ever around PJ with a bit of spare time, let's meet up. If not, I might walk pass you in the street and don't even know it! Say Hi to your mom for me!

jason : Yeah, the kuih tutu will always be a fave food of mine. It's special too as it's more than just food, it also touches my heart.

mama bok : Thanks....Lee Ping is too sweet to speak of me in such a kind way. Thanks for agreeing! Shy already...

joe : If you had read the links too, I ate this when I was a kid. My mom use to buy kuih tutu from Uncle Wong (then a young man) from a lane downtown near Jalan Silang. So, this kuih is really special to me. Really nice too (only from this stall, don't try those at the shopping malls! I did, it was a waste of my money!).

Allan&Nigel: Simple...just like what I told Precious Pea, think of being stranded on an island. Which one food do you want to have with you? Food ah....not person! ROFL!

Lee Ping said...

Dear WMW,

These days, I only remember things that touch my heart. I think I read about it from Ilene's blog. That event stick to my mind like glue. Donating blood to someone else is a big deal to me because 1) I am afraid of needles 2) I am anemic.

p/s You wrote a post on your friend a year after her death. After reading that post, I thought, how many people will remember me a year after I am gone.

ilene said...

WMW, ya, must attempt to call you out one of these days. But have to wait a while for the essence of chicken to take effect on me first in case half way through our "getting to know you", I fall asleep! hahaha!

wmw said...

lee ping : The blog helps a lot....it helps me to remember and is an avenue which I can also use to remember. :o)

ilene : Wah! You anticipate that I will be that boring ah? Must drink chicken essence cos scared fall asleep? Hahaha...I know what you mean...just pulling your leg!

Kok said...

Send my deepest condolence to Mrs. Wong and family. I hope they'll stay strong and come through all these. It's sad to hear that though...

Rasa Malaysia said...

I am so behind the tags too, as I was tagged by a few people but couldn't and haven't had time to return the favors...sigh. Too much traveling and work, don't even have time to check out blogs or reply to my comments. :(

ilene said...

WMW, don't pull legs lah - just came out from the reflexlogy centre (located in sec 14) and geez after half a year of not visiting that centre, they've raised the price! Some more ha, I've been their customer for over 5 years! No privilege for faithful customers wan. tish...tish..tish..

MeiyeN said...

omg, i feel so touched reading this..... :( i like this kuih too and usually have it @ malacca cause it's really hard to find a good one here..

wmw said...

kok: They are doing okay, I've actually met up with Mrs Wong at the stall, and the rest of the family members (apart from the two daughters that runs the stall) who drop by the stall once in a while. When it comes to such things, it takes some time. Thanks...

RM : Hey there ! Welcome back...

ilene : Increase in their rental which they have to pass on I suppose. Inflation lo...(my business to know about inflation, ha ha ha..)

meiyen: Try this stall, in SS2 or Taman Cheras. Nice!

wonda said...

I commented in your last post. Maybe it is still being moderated. Kuih Tutu? Looks or tastes like putu piring or putu mayong (all my favorite) sold in an Indian stall.

Jelly Bean Babe said...

I loveees putu piring or putu bumbu as they call them in Trengganu. I always buy them whenever I come across a stall, the last being in Bangsar Pasar Malam but that one .. not so nice cos it tasted mushy. Then 2 months ago, Jaya Jusco in Midvalley started a putu piring stall just beside the customer service counter/florist outside the supermarket. Quite tasty and good actually and that's my must buy item when I do grocery at the Supermarket. I like them without the coconut though. Hope you can try it one day !

Paprika said...

I feel very sad reading your blog. Its great that his daughters are carrying on his legacy.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Now u have me craving for the stuff...kuih tutu or putu piring! What's in a name anyway, huh? :-) Tag...will do, ma'am!

wmw said...

wonda : Never got your recent comment..You can try again. Yah, there's a different version for the Malays Chinese and Indian.

Jelly Bean Babe : Welcome! You should try some from this stall. They have different fillings : coconut, peanut and brown sugar.

paprika : Sorry for making you feel sad...We need to remember not only happy things but sad things too. Then only do we appreciate life, our loved ones and know the true meaning of happiness...Hope I will have a cheerful post the next time you check in here :o)

wmw said...

lyrical lemongrass : Sorry, had just missed your comment earlier....Yeah, if you want to try this, come to SS2 on a Monday evening (before 8).

lasilasi said...

i really really really like tutu too!!! the only ones i had was in spore and somewhere in rawang. missed them now!!

Anonymous said...

i love putu piring so much.....i'll already tried yesterday and last week,make me feel can't sleep when i din't eat.....but i don't know where to find putu piring at cheras bt9 area....huhuhhu....