Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dune Bashing & Camel Riding

The blogging world has definitely widened my circle of friends, some remaining faceless but in my thoughts nevertheless while some bloggers have become a familiar face. However, before you know it, some familiar ones will be leaving for elsewhere. Being the most recent, Kat and her family.

me: Sigh, when are you leaving? Your dates, I mean
Kat: on waiting list
me: Confirmed date?
Kat: not yet should know by end of this week
me: I see....A bit sad...To have found a new friend and to see you leave
Kat: come and visit me and we go have kebabs!! hahaha. I am making sure hubby gets me unlimited broadband otherwise i sure die!!
me: Well, I haven't been to AD
Kat: yup! come and we go dune bashing! and camel riding!
me: Well, once you have settled down...haha...camel riding???
Kat: and eat under the stars in a bedouin camp
me: : Wah lau....
Kat: sounds like fun, hor??
me: Can't throttle too eye can't take the vibrations. Got slow and old camel can lah! Muah ha ha

Well, just before leaving, I managed to meet up with Kat and her family again for a karaoke session with KTX joining us too. Singing, eating and laughing ... we spent three hours revealing our hidden talents. And hidden and faceless they shall still be in the blogging world. Yup, definitely some soul baring like you said Kat....I really enjoyed the outing that day. Guess, we all are definitely game for another round when you all are back here visiting.
Mmmm....nice hands!
Mmmm....whose hands are these?
Mmmm.....we did try to sing along but I think we decided to let the pro, KTX, do a solo performance!
The show must go on...
The show must go on....he actually woke up the moment we all stopped singing! LOL!

Kat and hubby, HY and WK...hope to see you all soon again. Whether be it back here in Malaysia or over there....I'm definitely looking forward to some dune bashing and camel riding too. Take care and God Bless...Don't be a stranger, see you around...

Meanwhile, this is about as close I can ever get to dune bashing for now....

Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them.
~ Francesco Guicciardini


boo_licious said...

Ah, the K session u were discussing that nite. Never mind, you can start up the international faction soon with a visit to AD. Not too sure abt the dune bashing part though.

Kok said...

Looks like you're having lots of fun eh?

I know it's kinda sad having friend to leave you. Whenever there's a meet, you'll have to prepare for the time to leave... Anyway, I'm sure you'll have more and more friends!:)

Anonymous said...

*sniff, sniff*



Already getting a bit emo about leaving, then I read this....

*bbbbaaawwwwllllssss summore*

Thanks for the lovely writeup, dear. The camels shall be waiting... :D

To cheer myself up, I'm already planning what to do and eat in my next trip home!! :D

Jacelyn Chew said...

don't be sad...if Kat still blogs, u'll know her every on-going story in life. Wish your friend, Kat all the best!!

Anonymous said...

wmw, you can still keep in touch on msn.

Meanwhile, go practice your Dune bashing and camel riding. Shiok man!

All of you must have sung really well to put Kat's son to sleep.

That hand belongs to KTZYWUW....can't remember his initials! Wahahah...

Precious Pea said...

Hahaha...that must be KTX with his Thai song? Don't be sad's good to know we now have another friend in a new step nearer for your globalisation plan.

backStreetGluttons said...

u r still there or back ?
da 6th dimension we mean

k.t.x said...

ohhhh, tell me what u want, what u really really want, i wanna, i wanna, i wanna , i wanna, .....zigzig

i wonder if lim should look at proposing a neway franchise to those cash rich arabs???? lol.

Anonymous said...

Dune bashing = hitting sand?? LOL
Dun sad, sis.. hug hug. You'll meet up again soon :)

wmw said...

boo & Precious P : Both of you also same same thing one....Globalisation, International...Hee hee...

kok : Fun? We always do! Yes, in the blogger world, am sure there are lots of strangers out there who will turn into friends.

kat : Awwww.....Thought of calling you to say bye but don't want to get all emo! Stay in touch! Keep that writing that list....go makan with you when you come back next! Hope you all will have a safe flight.

jacelyn, jason : I'm okay...seriously...Sob! Sob! Hahaha...

Judy : You got the first two alphabets right! haha....

theteam???: Back already, now waiting for you, C and O for another dimension travel!

k.t.x: You still remember the words? That song was a real workout. Hahaha....

Anonymous said...

Go, go, go! Dune Bashing is fun! Must try their whole package ... where you get your henna done, wear their traditional costum and take pics, enjoy delicious grill under the stars, belly dancing and more ... good experience.