Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Noble House, Imbi

After seeing Jackson's post on Noble House back in June, I decided to surprise my mom. I didn't let her know where we were going or what we were eating till we arrived at the destination. After letting my brother know earlier, he decided to also follow along with my nephews. Noble House opened in 2003 was recently awarded Best Restaurant 2007 by Malaysia Tattler. Upon entering the building, the place was quite impressive with its decor and koi fish pond in the lobby area. However, those who were there for the buffet were ushered to a bare big function room where the spread was laid out. We arrived there just in time and were the first few ones to enter the room. Ethan, my older nephew and I took the opportunity to take photos of the spread that was before us while the food was still untouched. Check out his photos HERE.

This special "New Wave" Chinese buffet is only available on Sundays and public holidays and we have two buffet sets to choose from. RM39++, (RM46, about USD13 with taxes) which comes with a bowl Braised Shark's Fin with Crabmeat and Crab Roe or the RM50++ (RM58, USD16 with taxes) which comes with an order of Double Boiled Shark's Fin Stuffed in Chicken Wing. Well, the truth of the matter is I've been abstaining from shark's fin but having the buffet here meant it came along with it. The 5 of us opted for the RM39++ set and with that, we were all promptly served a bowl of the braised shark's fin.
I have not eaten Shark's Fin in a long while and I must say this tasted really good, they definitely didn't stinge on the ingredients. Served with an optional light coloured and good quality vinegar, this had to be one of the better shark's fin I've tasted in a long while. But then, it's really been a long while that I've eaten some! ha ha ha...After we were done with the bowl, we started on our buffet round.
The wonderfully tossed Lobster Salad....lip smackin' good!
Lidako - Baby Octopus. There are many other appetisers around. You have to be there to fully appreciate the way the spread is laid out. Individual tiny bowls, on spoons and also in little glasses like the next photo.
Here you have what one might call "Prawn Shooters".
Escargots-Chinese style which was sweet sourish with bits of cucumber and pineapple

Some food here are visually outstanding in their presentation. This was also my first time eating New Wave Chinese Food, still wondering what that really means actually. There are enough varieties available to keep us busy and as a matter of fact, we left the place without trying quite a number of them.
Fried dumpling with slices of lotus root
Simple hollow cucumber with small diced potatoes tossed in light salad dressing.
This was strangely addictive....pan friend chee cheong fun (flat rice noodles). With bits of chives and dried prawns, it was somehow plain yet tasty at the same time to me. Biting into the slightly chewy texture, I couldn't really figure why I like it more than I should. Ha ha ha...On the other hand, I am a big fan of Chee Cheong Fun. so, that might explain why.
My favourite Peking Duck-had several servings of this. The duck skin has very little fats on it, so that's good news for those who likes to indulge in some good food minus the fats :o) but that would also mean that it isn't as fragrant as the ones with fats!
Claypot Salmon with Mushrooms and Fu Chook ( Beancurd Skin). The gravy was a bit too starchy but otherwise, it was alright.
Char Siew Bao - BBQ Pork Steamed Bun was rather nice. Here's one broken into three parts. Me and my rule of three when it comes to taking photographs! ha ha ha....
Ma Lai Gou (Malay Kuih???) has always been a favourite of mine and the ones here are nice and not that sweet, which is good! But the nicest ones were from Ming Room, Bangsar Shopping Complex (which is also under the same Oriental Group as Noble House) but they were given a fancy name like Thousand Layer Sponge Custard. Check out Oriental Group of Restaurants HERE.

Noble House Restaurant
No.19, Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03- 2145 8822 Fax : 03- 2141 3822

Directions/Map to Noble House
(Please take note that road directions have changed as at Aug 11 and this is not reflected in the map).

"I went to this restaurant last night that was set up like a big buffet in the shape of an Ouija board. You'd think about what kind of food you want, and the table would move across the floor to it." - Steven Wright


Mama BoK said...

Yum.. yum.. yum.. yum.. yum..!!! pray tell me how much it was..?? I love everything..!!! i have to eat there.. when i come home..!! and you know who i'll be asking along.. muahhahaha1!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

we should have our next gathering here..after u have digested all that food!!..

Big Boys Oven said...

as always, those pictures captured thro your lense always look so fantastic. such a great standard, makes food looks so gorgeous.

boo_licious said...

The spread looks good - the pan fried cheong fun esp! I love that dish so I'll definitely be eating lots of that if I visit here.

MeiyeN said...

oh me gosh........ looks so extremely delicious!!!!! i want that prawns.... saliva dripping man... so many places to try, really don't know which place i should go 1st!

daphne said...

oo.. been reading your blog for a while. Noble House's food looks really presentable! yummy!

chenboon said...

we keep asking what is the meaning of New Wave Chinese Cuisine or Modern Chinese Cuisine, what it representing? only meaning the way of presentation which looks like Western that serve everyone in individual format? or the way using some ingredients which are "unusual" in Chinese Cuisine? Well, maybe we can find out somethings from your article. ^^

chenboon @ www.wretch.cc/blog/chenboon

wmw said...

mama bok : I've added the USD to it, the buffet spread is about USD13 (including tax) with that one time served bowl of shark's fin.

Joe : That was a month ago....fully digested!

Big Boys oven : Thank you! Thank you!

Boo : Well, I couldn't try all of it but there are some hits and misses, but best is you can always go back for more of the hits!

meiyen : Remember, the buffet is only available on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Daphne : As you know with most buffet spread, most food looks better than it tastes! Ha ha ha...After the visual feast, one's palate might be disappointed. Just enjoy the food without expectations! Thanks for dropping by, hope to see you around more often!

chenboon: Hi there, haven't seen you around for awhile. I guess what you say makes sense...Westernized Chinese food...an oxymoron though. LOL!

Jun said...

oh hey! my friend's sis wanted to hav her wedding din here but decided to change venue in the end. din know they had buffet too!

wonda said...

These are WHAT I WANT TO EAT!! Can look only, cannot eat. *sigh*

Jackson said...

Hahaa.. u blogged about it at last! I was there last week too with my parents and Hitomi! Hitomi loves the porridge ! Have u try their roasted pork and suckling pig?? so little food picture only?

Judy said...

This is one good restaurant. I want to go there. Food looks good and quite classy wor.

wmw said...

Jun : Hey there...oh, they do have buffets but like I've mentioned only on Sundays and public holidays. Where are you now? Here or overseas?

Wonda & Judy : You both arrange for a trip back here together??? Can go eat together, hehe...

Jackson : Actually, I didn't eat as much as you lah....so that's about all the photos I have, minus one or two.

tigerfish said...

Any new wave about the char siew bun? :p

I also see a Peking Duck tacos, and oh the pan-fried CCF, I want to try making it some day. I tried stir-frying them before, so pan-frying should be good too!

New Kid on the Blog said...

ai yo... this must courier to me leh!!! so yummilicious!!!

k.t.x said...

emmm, very interesting new-wave spread they have it here huh??

so different to have juz wake up and gargle with sharksfin huh???lol

they dint sprinkle shredded crab sticks over the lobster salade did they?? lol.

KampungboyCitygal said...

I'm so going to go in few weeks time..ermmm..new wave chinese food?! apa tu..

Kok said...

the shark fin looks very "kao" like that. Definitely good stuff lah. hehe.

Tummythoz said...

Wow wow wow! Speechless. Due to saliva flood.

wmw said...

tigerfish : Haha...guess the char siew bao is classic. Not tacos as it's a thin egg crepe that wrapped the duck skin. Mmm....looking forward to seeing you post on pan fried CCF.

NKOTB : Seriously, come to KL for a vacation???

k.t.x : Wah...gargle with shark's fin? Hahaha...Come to think of it, yes, the lobster salad did have bits of crsbstick too :)

kampungboycitygal : Yup, guess it's more Westernised in the presentation that makes it New Wave???

kok : Yah, it was indeed kao! If it was not for the fact that I saw how kao it was in Jackson's post, I would have been very surprised.

tummythoz : Speechless? But can always type! hahaha....

LUCKY DOG said...

Nice pictures. Makes me hungry!!! Thanks for helping me with my blog. You sure know your stuff. Thanks again and hope to see you and PoPo soon.

New Kid on the Blog said...

hi hi... only go to KL once or twice a year.
normally we'll go down with dad & mom.

wmw said...

Lucky Dog : Don't mention it girl! Most welcome....I've linked you by the way (under Blogroll).

NKOTB : Yes then, go to all these places for family makan then! And if you ever need a food guide, let me know ;o)

mama bok said...

Thanks for the update on the prices..! i could eat this everday.. without going bankrupt.. :) here food is like USD 10.00 for beef horfun.. and it's nothing near what you ate..! sad eh..!

New Kid on the Blog said...

hi hi.... thk u so much!! will buzz you whenever I need a food guide... :)

Sze said...

omfg - 39 ringgit for that kind of spread that's insane. do they actually make any profit? of course they do it's a CHINESE restaurant damn

wmw said...

mamabok: No worries...so have your makan list ready when you come back to Malaysia for a visit! ;o)

nkotb: Don't mention it....

Sze : That's before the taxes, but I guess still dirt cheap for you folks earning green bucks (or for you Euros???).