Friday, October 02, 2009

Ipoh Food Frenzy In 4.5 Hours, Hua Nam - Part 3

It's Friday and the weekend's almost here! Yay! That means sleeping in late for some of us but if one is usually an early bird, today's post might make you wanna have these for breakfast! Well, the original plan was to eat a bit of dim sum at Foh San but they put up the "CLOSED" sign while there were still loads of people eating inside and waiting outside. So, what else could we eat when we wanted something light? How about these...?

Half Boiled Egg On Toast
Half Boiled Eggs/Soft Boiled Eggs on sliced toast. These were the most near perfect half boiled eggs I ever had and as Spare Change says "A work of art"!

Half Boiled Egg On Toast

Add in a few dashes of pepper and some soy sauce...I watched with glee, never taking my eyes off the yolk as I slowly pierced it with the tip of the fork, anticipating it to flow off the edge of the also near perfect toast. Even with the extra time taken for Spare Change and I to capture some shots of this, the toast still retained its crisp when I bit into it. The toast, slathered with the mix of white and yellow delicious goo of an egg, was one of those "close eyes and savour" moments! I haven't found half boiled eggs like these in Klang Valley that can measure up to Hua Nam's. Oh! I forgot the name but it seems there is another place in Ipoh also serves a great version of Half Boiled Eggs on Toast.

Where did I get this good old fashion heartwarming food? From good old fashion Hua Nam of course! By the way, I had the Cham Ice (mix of coffee & tea) and it was great too!

Hua Nam

Sigh, I can't seem to get it right whenever I attempt to make half boiled eggs. And after tasting these here in Hua Nam, those in Klang Valley just doesn't do it for me anymore. Aih...when am I going to Ipoh next? :p

Kedai Makanan & Minuman Hua Nam (opp. Wah Pan)
Jalan Leong Sin Nam
(nearby Ming Court & Foh San Dim Sum)
Ipoh, Perak


team bsg said...

O you adore thos golden drips with da slimy whiteflows ah ! It takes great effort to produce them you know ...
the timing , the affection el etc

jason said...

Waa... so good till no places in KL can offer the same taste?

When? January lo! Haha.

Precious Pea said... of art indeed..there is just something very irresistible about runny eggs, isn't it?

J2Kfm said...

come come come ... hahaha...
there's a famous Malay one in old town, and the other one i mentioned was Nam Chau, the curry mee shop.

ilene said...

Eggs boiled to perfection. Wah, very well taken! Am drooling now! Haven't had half-boiled eggs for sometime now due to health reasons. Also haven't had for a long time are ham and eggs prepared the Asian way!!

wmw said...

Team BSG : Yes I do! And I have a lot of affection for them too! :p

Jason : Did you find these in Klang Valley?

Precious P : Waiting for you in January to go there! Okay?

J2Kfm : Ok, next time go the Nam Chau!

Ilene : So, does your health now permit you to take these? :o)

ilene said...

Well, WMW, sometimes I do give in to temptation! hehehehe.... Good thing my hubby not IT savvy!

CUMI & CIKI said...

stop making me drool! high protein diet!

wmw said...

Ilene : Oooh...shhhhh...secret! ;o)

Cumi & Ciki : Stop the drool? Go have a half boiled egg on toast! Heheh