Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things & Places Seen In San Francisco - Part 4

Here are more sightseeing pics ...

Floating books?
What are those ahead? What's floating up there?

Books in the sky @ Broadway Street
Books flying in the sky? Oh...they are wired together! But this is not what makes this display at the corner of Columbus and Broadway Street unique...

If you look down right below those "books", you'll find yourself smiling when you see these on the floor...

Words "dropped" onto the floor
Words "dropped" from the "flying books" onto the pavement....ain't that cute??? :o)

And what are the wires for?

Lit Books at night
The "books" light up at night. I love these "flying"books!

I also like the reddish Levi's Plaza building at Battery Road....

Levi's Plaza, Battery Street
Here's part of the plaza, you can see that Coit Tower is nearby on top of the hill ahead

Levi's Plaza, Battery Street
Levi's Plaza has a vast green surrounding and even a park right oppossite the building where folks can just relax, sunbathe or have their lunch and enjoy the sunshine (whenever good weather prevails!)

Levi's Plaza, Battery Street
But what I like most of Levi's Plaza is Levi's "Go Forth" campaign that is "written" on the windows.
"I am the new American pioneer, looking forward, never back. No longer content to wait for better times… I will work for better times. ‘Cause no one built this country in suits.
All I need is all I got. Bruises heal. Stink is good. And apathy is dead. So I strike up for the new world! A newer mightier world. The one I will make to my liking. For after the darkness comes the dawn. There is a better tomorrow. Look across the plains and mountains and see America's eternal promise. A promise of progress. Go forth with me. Go Forth!"

All of us, not just Americans....go forth indeed!


backStreetGluttons said...

what a lovely creative place ! Dun you just wish you could eat for a living here ,and stay here forever ?

Tummythoz said...

Pictures no dropped? Always thot those would be heavier. =)

terri@adailyobsession said...

oh tt's so clever, the projection of the words from the book onto the ground. u didn't go to the touristy places like pier 39, the redwood forest, crookedest streeet?

love sf too:)

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Such a creative idea of 'fallen' words!! Love it :)) Also the 'Go Forth' on the wall. You're right. let us ALL do the same. Yah!
Do visit my blog to vote for me in the Blog for FT competition. Thanks ever so much!

wmw said...

BSG : Yes, and I hope I get what I wish for! ;o)

Tummythoz : But the "books" contains no photos, hehehe...

Terri : Oh, the words are embossed on the ground, not projected from the books. Yes, I went to Pier 39 (did blog on it, check it out) and Muir Wood and Lombard Street (not blogged on yet).

Keats : Sure thing....All the best!