Friday, October 30, 2009

New Hollywood Bakery & Restaurant, San Francisco

If it was not for the blog title I'm sure that New Hollywood Bakery could have passed off as one of the eateries in Klang Valley from the photo below, right?

New Hollywood Bakery & Restaurant
Lots of old timers gather at this place which is quite pack throughout the day

Well, it isn't. It's in San Francisco, looking as Chinese as it could be in Chinatown. And just like my fave item from You's Dim Sum was the lo mai bao (aka glutinous rice pau), I have my fave item from this bakery too.

Presenting to you, the absolutely fantabulous lip smacking Green Onion Bun - a longish and braided bread.

Green Onion Buns
Since coming back here, I'm missing these yummy Green Onion Bun (spring onion). At USD0.60 each, it's such a steal for something so delicious.

Green Onions Buns
Eaten warm, the bread is soft and is just bursting with flavours of spring onions & salted butter. It's rich but yet not overwhelming. This is a must try (and try to eat one fresh from the oven, it's heavenly!) if you're ever in this area and is a fan of spring onions!

Now, I only wished that I had bought a dozen, froze them and brought them back! Sigh... If you find a favourite food of yours or fallen in love with a new food item while you were overseas, would you buy them in bulk (freeze them if you have to!) and bring them back?

Enjoy your Friday folks, the weekend's here again :o)

New Hollywood Bakery & Restaurant
652 Pacific Ave (Between Beckette St & Columbus Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94133
Tel : (415) 397-9919


sc said...

i can almost taste warm garlic bread, just that this is with spring onions!

thenomadGourmand said...

oh yes i would!! I'll bring anything back if its that delicious!!

~Christine~Leng said...

for a moment, I really thought the first pic looks like one of those restaurants in KL ;P haha
could tell the bread is soft just by looking! feel like grabbing 'em ;)

Kusahi_Keat said...

really thot in place in KL. Did u bring back some 4 me? Can help? Me running poll on the best curry noodle, Georgetown or Ipoh? Please vote @ my blog.

wmw said...

sc: Well, this is soft and fluffy unlike the garlic bread toast.

thenomadGourmand : Hahaha...and what would you like to bring back for instance?

Christine : Like Ipoh ah? Hahaha...

Kusahi Keat : Voted adi :o)