Monday, July 05, 2010

Dad, I'm Grateful ...

Dad, I had been planning on what to write for your 12th anniversary since last two weeks. As most of my friends would know, each time as this day draws near - my mind is thinking of you, more than ever. However, some incidents has happened over this past week and threw my earlier thoughts out of the window. The incidents has made me more grateful...however much I miss you.

I am grateful for the fact that we got a chance to say goodbye to you and that both sis and I were by your side when you left us. Not everyone gets a chance to be there when a loved one passes away. I remember how sis and I fell asleep, resting our heads on your bedside ... and how we were jolted out of our sleep when we realised how quiet it was when you stopped breathing. I'm grateful that we got the chance to talk to you hours earlier - you couldn't speak and was in a coma but you hung on till we got back from San Francisco and told you that it was okay for you to go as we know that you would be happier and complete in heaven.

I am grateful that you lived till the age of 68 when I had other friends who were only half your age or younger when they left this world. I am grateful that I was able to have you in my life for a great 3 decades as compared to those who lost their father when they had just started school or even when they were just babies. I am grateful that you were such a great dad to us - loving and funny when some never had a chance to feel such warmth as they grew up without a father. I'm ever grateful for what I had (and all that you have given me, for the things that you taught me). Actually, we should all be grateful for whatever/whoever we have - no matter how short (or long) the period they appeared in our lives for our lives were enriched regardless of the duration.

I miss you Dad and I'm grateful. I'm grateful for me being me, as there is always a part of you in me ... and it will always be that way.

With all my love,


Life for Beginners said...

Such a tender remembrance of your father. Very touching. Thanks for sharing this, dear, and reminding us to be more grateful for the loved ones in our lives too. :)

ilene said...

I'm grateful to have you for a friend. Thanks for sharing this story.

May the memories grow within you and bring you strength.

Big Boys Oven said...

This is such a beautiful pieces, lovely and so treasured.

Thanks for reminding us too!

You are a babe!

sc said...


Anonymous said...

he truly loved us cause he waited.

sl27 said...

this blog touches me deep & i felt the gratefulness, tear dropping down glancing thru this blog.