Friday, July 30, 2010

Siew Yok! @ Taman SEA, Petaling Jaya


I first saw the red "Siew Yok!" banner as I drove pass the under bridge near the 1Utama area, not really having the time to read the address and had kept wondering where it is located. So, as I was driving pass Taman SEA area one day and came across the familiar red signage with the big "Siew Yok!" words, I was elated that I can finally stop wondering! :o). This time round, the red signage marked Siew Yok! for good as I had found the shop right beneath it. JC and I (upon seeing the place) told ourselves that we'll definitely make a trip here for lunch. And lunch we did ... the very next day!

(Photos taken with Sony Ericsson W995)

Siew Yok!
That same banner underneath was the one I saw at the corner of the underpass near 1Utama! Yes, the red signage does scream "Siew Yok!", hehehe..

Hot & Tangy Chilli

The soup had a rather fishy taste and both Joyce and I didn't finish it. As for the chilli sauce, it's hot enough and real tangy! But if the meat is good, it's good enough on its own without the chilli, you know what I mean? The chilli wasn't wasted though 'cos we ate the chilli with this ...

Home made egg noodles
Homemade egg noodles (RM3) - the pic was taken after it was partially eaten, hahaha...Well, it did taste home made indeed with no "kan sui" or potash aftertaste but somehow we found it a bit too plain (we added pepper to it too). The soy sauce plus fried shallot oil and bits of spring onions didn't make the promising egg noodles rise to the occasion. Something else was missing...garlic? More soy sauce? Lard? Hahaha.... We couldn't put on our finger on it. But maybe it's due to the fact that they say that the food served here is MSG free and using sunflower oil. Of course, the noodles improved immensely when eaten with ...

Yellow Gold Siew Yok
Yellow Gold - small portion. It was crunchy but as the skin was rather thin, we didn't feel that there was enough crunch to satisfy our palate. We then thought about how the other variant would fare. What are the differences? Well, according to the printed menu, these 3 variants of premium pork belly are :

Siew Yok
Yellow Gold - crisp and golden for those who like the crunch
Melting Gold - crispy soft chunks that melts in your mouth
Black Gold - a "dark side" of pork with a bittersweet finish

Same goes for the Char Siew too, there are 3 variants :
Savoury Sweet - coated with a drizzled aromatic gravy with a hint of premium chinese wine
Sweet - coated with sweet caramelised soy sauce with a hint of chinese wine
Spicy - coated with a slightly spicy tangy sauce with a Thai approach

Prices for both Siew Yok and Char Siew :
Small (RM13.50) Big (RM25) Trifecta - a mix of all 3 variants (RM35)

Melting Gold Siew Yok!
We had ordered the Yellow Gold as we thought it would be the most crunchy of the 3 variants but found that it fell short on the crunch factor that was expected out of it. We even asked Daniel, the manager whether we got the right order. Seeing that we were "perplexed" over pork(hehehe...), he came over and gave us four pieces of "Melting Gold" and on trying it, we definitely found that we LOVED Melting Gold Siew Yok more and will definitely be THE order whenever we eat at Siew Yok! It has more crunch to it with a thicker skin and coupled with the fact that it has a bit more fat than Yellow Gold, we have found a winner!
Savoury Sweet Char Siew
As for the Char Siew (BBQ Pork), we ordered a small portion of the Savoury Sweet. While the tender char siew came looking rather pale on one row and more roasted on the other (we definitely enjoyed the darker row), we really loved the aromatic gravy that came with it. We could really taste the Chinese wine and that made a refreshing difference to the char siew here. If there was no "magic" sauce on it, I would definitely just stick to ordering the Melting Gold Siew Yok. For me, I just have to remember to asked for a more roasted cut and a tad more "magic" sauce next time ;o)

Apart from other porky dishes like Braised Pork (Lo Chee Yok) and the upcoming Siew Yok Burger (see their Facebook page HERE), there's also Beef Brisket plus the usual vegetable offering. One can't get any porkier dishes than those available right here at Siew Yok! We'll definitely be back for more!

Check out J's review of Siew Yok! HERE too.

Siew Yok! (Same row as Restoran Fu Kua and next to CampAp Stationery Store)
25, SS23/15,
Taman SEA
47400 Petaling Jaya

Opening Hours: Tuesdays - Sundays (Closed on Mondays)
11am till 3pm (lunch) & 6.30 pm till 10 pm (dinner)
Phone : 019-2125 866


Tummy Rumble said...

interesting... looks like I know where to go next

jason said...

First time seeing rounded and non-red char siew! I would have mistaken it as something else.

sc said...

ooo, the melting one sounds very tempting! when are you going again? if weekend lunch, i'll definitely join ya! (sudah lama tak jumpa! :p)

uLi.佑莉 said...


Hazza said...

Love the look of all the dishes... except the noodles ... looks like Maggi! Unusual way of cutting siew yok .. lengthways?

Precious Pea said...

Reminded me of our pit stop!!!

J said...

Oh cool.
Looks like they've further developed the menu already! And there's a siew yoke burger on the way?? *droooool*
(Can't wait!)
(Thanks for the link btw...)

wmw said...

Tummy Rumble : Tried it yet?

Jason : Makes me wonder...mistaken it for what?

SC : Ok, ok....hope to see ya!

uLi : Yup! Great stuff...

Hazza : Hey there! Thought the cuts were done normally?

Precious Pea : Yes...sweet memories :o)

J : Hmmm....dunno about the big chunk or small pieces that will keep falling out of the burger bun?

Simon Seow said...

Compared with Famous Seremban, is it up to par or better?

wmw said...

Simon : Siew Yok...this place better. Char Siew ... FSF is still right at the top for me.

Anonymous said...

great to read what u have wrote! bring wine and enjoy it with the siew yok next time! will introduce new stuff soon!