Friday, July 16, 2010

Finding Happiness @ farmerbrown's Little Skillet, San Francisco

Holy Mookie had been telling me about Little Skillet and how I have got to check this place out. On one sunny Saturday, the family finally made our way to farmerbrown's Little Skillet as we had to time it well since it's only open from 9am till 2.30pm! Well, not only did I manage to "devour" great tasting food but I also found happiness all around this little gem that delivers big time to its customers in so many ways.

Keeping true to their words in serving the local community with wholesome Southern American classic (as written on Little Skillet's website), it was just an overall wonderful experience for me as I took in not only the delicious chicken and waffle but also the warmth from the summer sunshine and that which was exude from the tiny little place that is located along a tiny one way street! One is encouraged to access Little Skillet on foot or by riding a bicycle! We parked the car along the main road and walked towards the inner smaller one way street. As soon as I saw Little Skillet, I couldn't stop smiling.

Little Skillet
The red bricked building where you'll find Little Skillet (yes, some folks still drive into this lane)

The small window with a canopy
Smacked in the middle of the building, you'll find the slightly faded baby blue shutter windows, with a little black canopy giving the customers some shade from the sun or rain.

Operating System : Windows 09
The operating system : Windows :o) All the orders are taken at this window, with the kitchen in sight. Note how the window shutters also has a little rack holding all the multi coloured and flavoured drinks adding fun to the picture.

A closer look at the menu
A closer look at the menu (still too tiny for you all to read?) Click HERE for the menu

Free range Petaluma Chicken & Waffles
My order - Two pieces of free range Petaluma Chicken with waffle - USD8 (topped with powdered sugar and house syrup on the side). The chicken was moist and tender with crisp skin. My first time trying this savoury and sweet offering and boy...I just absolutely fell in love with it. There's only one pic of the food as I was too busy enjoying the eating experience ... a finger looking good one! :o)

Little Skillet
Nearby, a four tiered metal rack for seasoning, sauces and cutleries. The opened door on the left is Cento where we got our great Blue Bottle coffee from :o)

Little Skillet
Aiks! Saw this after I finished my meal. I wanted to try the Bacon Wrapped Waffle Dog but I was full from the Chicken & Waffle. Doesn't it scream out, "EAT ME"? Sob! Sob! I gotta come back for the waffle dog!

I Wuff Little Skillet!
I ain't the Waffle Dog but I do "Wuff" Little Skillet's waffles! Hmmph....I guess that does make me a Waffle Dog!

Eating @ Little Skillet

Eating at Little Skillet

"I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay, Watching the tide roll away
Ooo, I'm just sittin' on the dock of the bay, Wastin' time"

Well, you know what I mean :o). Located conveniently across is a loading bay where the customers hang out and enjoy the yummy goodies as this is what al fresco dining is at Little Skillet. There are no seats in the "house" (well, except for the few overturned plastic pallet containers that we can use as make shift stools to sit on). Ahh....with great food, great coffee plus sunshine and fresh air, that's happiness indeed. I just love farmerbrown's Little Skillet! I love San Francisco!

farmerbrown's Little Skillet
360 Ritch Street (between 3rd & 4th Street) Click HERE for location map
San Francisco, CA 94107-1746
(415) 777-2777 - Call-in orders welcome
Mon-Sat 9am - 2.30pm

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J said...

Looks amazing! A little eatery with so much character... :)
(And *drool* that bacon wrapped waffle dog sounds amazing! Too bad you didn't get to try it.... )

jason said...

So cute! (I mean the place, not the dog)

CUMI & CIKI said...

LOL, operating system. windows.. lovit!! :) this place is soooo cool!

wmw said...

J : Yes, I absolutey love the whole experience here. Waffle dog next!

Jason : Both also cute :o)

Cumi&Ciki : Oh yes....I know..I still have homework to do for you! Hang on! ...