Friday, July 23, 2010

Nasi Tumpang - The "Real Thing" from Kota Bahru or The Warung @ Midvalley

I've been eating at The Warung in Midvalley quite regularly as they consistently keep me happy with their Nasi Tumpang.  While not really being as authentic as the Nasi Tumpang that I first tried and fell in love with in Kota Bahru during my trip there back in 2007, it will have to do as I long as I'm hankering for Nasi Tumpang right here in Klang Valley.

Nasi Tumpang - Kota Bahru
 The cone shaped banana leaf Nasi Tumpang in Kota Bahru found in Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah

Nasi Tumpang - Kota Bahru
How it looks unwrapped - nasi impit but with bits of meat floss, prawn, egg and gravy. The tasty filling is added in the center with more rice added after this step and then compressed.

And the Nasi Tumpang from The Warung?
Nasi Tumpang - The Warung
Aaaahhhh....Nasi Tumpang (together with my fave 3 layer tea - best combo with the layered rice!)
Nasi Tumpang - The Warung
Outdoing Kota Bahru's version in size - it comes in 11 layers.  Well, it's actually 13 layers if you include the cucumber and the egg :o).  With sambal, serunding (meat floss), beef or chicken layered in between the rice and keropok ikan (fish crackers) and acar (pickled vegetables) on the side, this Nasi Tumpang definitely hits the spot.  Of course the rice isn't compressed as the ones in Kota Bahru (price wise it's also about 5 times more at RM9.80) but taste wise, this never fails to delight me or my friends whenever they try it for the first time and has also become their fave order whenever we make a trip to The Warung.  Authentic or not, it's one delicious meal!

Mee Soto - The Warung
We also love the Mee Soto (RM6.50) as the soup is flavourful and has enough spices to give this simple noodle dish the oomph and yum! Served with generous toppings of shredded chicken, peanuts, beansprouts, shallots and spring onions, we will order this if we are in for a lighter meal as compared to Nasi Tumpang. Eaten together with the dark sauce ground chilli served on the side, it's great stuff.  Highly recommended for Mee Soto fans!

The Warung
The Warung - oh the kuih sold are lovely too.  My fave is the the Bingka Pisang!

The Warung

The Warung - Lot F028C, 1st Floor
(Next to the walkway to Northpoint.  If you're heading here from Center Court 1st Floor, head towards the side of the Baskin Robbins outlet, and walk right towards the end)
North Court,Midvalley Megamall
Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Daily : 8.30am to 10pm.

Have A Great Weekend Everyone!
Don't wait for the weekend to have fun ;o)


J said...

Love how colourful the nasi tumpang is! Looks very appetising :)

Baby Sumo said...

I love the nasi tumpang and mee soto at The Warung too!! For KL shopping mall standard, the food here is very affordable :-)

They do nasi tumpang in Belanga in The Gardens too, but sadly I found it very disappointing.

uLi.佑莉 said...

Eh, so special leh...I have never try and see this before seriously :) Interesting!

CUMI & CIKI said...

oh wow, this tumpang looks really good! LOL

Meng said...

I have never seen nasi tumpang. It looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.

mimid3vils said...

Does it taste like nasi lemak?

wmw said...

J : Yes, it's great stuff!

Baby Sumo : I heard about Belanga's version, hence didn't try.

uLi : Try it, if you can take spicy food, I'm sure you would love it.

Cumi&Ciki: Haven't tried the one at Wau Penyu yet.

Meng : You're welcome :o)

mimid3vils : Well, there is no lemak in the rice...but it's just as good.

smallkucing said...

interesting. Never had nasi tumpang before. You have me drooling already

Anonymous said...

i am a frequent patron to the warung in mid valley as I kinda enjoy the food there but what makes me very pissed off today is when one of the staff shouted at us. this staff just marched to us and act like a gangster and shouted at us at our table as if we did not pay for our food. He demand to see our receipt which unfortunately we did not take the receipt from the cashier. this is totally unacceptable as we are totally embarrassed being shouted at in front of so many other customers. We are not going back to this place again, ever, and we will tell whoever we know not to patron to this place anymore. Such poor customer service....

wmw said...

SmallKucing : Try it, think you will like it.

Anonymous : How unfortunate .. Well, the staff needs to be trained. You should give the feedback to the owners, seeing how you enjoy the food too. That way, let's see if there's an improvement in the service level.