Monday, September 05, 2011

Food, Flora & Farewell in Cameron Highlands - Farewell Ethan!

At this time of writing, Ethan, my nephew has already embarked on a new chapter in his life.  He has just recently left for Switzerland to further his studies, his first time being away from his family for such a long duration.

Prior to this, the whole family took a mini vacation and stayed in Bukit Ruil, Cameron Highlands.  I still recall that morning before we were about to start our journey, I had several smses and phone calls from friends asking whether I was still going to Cameron as news about the Cameron Highlands landslide that killed 7 people made the headlines.  Bro had called to check with the housekeeper and was informed that the route to Bukit Ruil was not affected and hence we decided to go ahead.

It was a smooth journey and we reached Cameron Highlands in time for tea.  Bro had gotten the housekeeper to prepare most of the meals for us for the duration of our stay there. While food is essential, so was the floral sights in Cameron Highlands.  The weather was really nice and I enjoyed the low temperature more than some of my family members as I was still walking around in t-shirt and shorts while they put on their sweaters and long pants! But it was a little bit of an ordeal sitting down on the toilet seat cover - one always have to psyche themselves up for the "cold" surface :o).  Ethan said that it was a good training ground to prepare him for the cold weather in Switzerland! Haha...(but actually, it's really warm over there right now!).

It was a time of family bonding and also a time of pure rest and relaxation.  We slept, ate, went out, ate, watch TV, ate and slept...that was the routine for each of the day, hahaha...Meal times were great (Chinese meal with dishes, western food - chicken chop & ginger cake with custard lemon sauce!, tea time - sandwiches and even steamboat) and so was hanging out with the family.

Here's some pics and collage from the trip - floral and food! No pics of us relaxing and sleeping, hehehe....

Flora wonder

More Flowers and others

Flowers for sale
Take me home!

Wandering around
Wandering around, checking out the plants

Cactus Farm
All sorts!

Tranquility up in Cameron Highlands

Bukit Ruil, Cameron Highlands
Back at the house ... food!

Breakfast, Tea Time, Steamboat Dinner
Clockwise from top left : Breakfast, Tea time & Steamboat Dinner.  Food would all be ready and laid out - all we have to do is just eat! (we don't have to clear the plates, the housekeeper does it all)

Chinese Meal
We had dishes for one of our dinner - the cauliflower from Cameron Highlands has a greenish tinge and tastes better; prawn fritters, always a crowd favourite and one dish that I haven't had in awhile; a simple chicken dish with delicious gravy and finally vegetable soup with fish balls.

Western Meal

We also had Western - Chicken chop with brown gravy on the side with toast and fries complete with Ginger Cake with Custard Lemon Sauce!

That was in early August and now, Ethan's in Switzerland... gotta get use to not having my dear nephew around for awhile...But then like the pic below says, "We'll see you soon!" Hopefully we'll see you in Switzerland and not only when you are back here in Malaysia.  Till then...Ethan, take care!

See You Soon Ethan!


ilene said...

It's a holiday that everyone would love to have - eat sleep and be merry!

Some more so nice - got people prepare food for you and no need to clean up after that! *shiok*

P/s: Can I also rent this place PLUS the maid?

Island pepperpot said...

Thanks for sharing, I wish your nephew success and safety on this travels.

CUMI & CIKI said...

Just beautiful!!!

wmw said...

ilene : Have to be a staff of the company to rent the place (not maid...but housekeeper)...

Island Pepperpot : Thank you...journey into the culinary world!

wmw said...

C&C : Thanks...and cool too!

Anonymous said... is a Beautiful place. Could You give us the name and the contact person of this place? in case we want to go to Cameron and stay in this Place. Thanks alot.

wmw said...

Hi Anonymous, apologies. This was a corporate bungalow available for rental only to their employees.