Friday, September 30, 2011

Tea Time @ Tang Shifu, 1 Utama


Sometime back when Precious Pea was back here for a short holiday - she and I got hungry after singing our hearts out in Neway and decided to look for some tea time food.  Now, I've been curious to try out Tang Shifu's food; two items in particular and suggested to Precious Pea to try out it with me.  So, as soon as we sat down, I already knew what to order.  Yes, the two items from their menu that caught my eye the most ....

Abalone Sauce Rice Dumpling

The Abalone Sauce Rice Dumplings (RM9.90) was very flavourful ...The dumpling seems to have a mixture of glutinous rice with some brown rice.  The wolfberries added a sweetness to the dumplings, adding more plus points to it.  The cool cucumber was refreshing with some walnut and sesame mix topping though I would say that it looked like some type of meat floss was also added to it.

Meat filling with Black Sesame Bun

The Black Sesame Bun (RM12.90) came with four hollow bun pieces & a bowl of braised pork.  A spoonful of the meat into the hollow bun and a bite later sent little tingles of delight to my mouth. The wolfberries and bits of "wood ear" gave the meat texture and the soft bun completed the whole ensemble of great food harmony!

Both Precious Pea and i enjoyed our tea time here...The prices stated above are ala carte.  The items are available as tea time sets (along with some other options) with a drink included. Check it out!

Tang Shifu
LG 321 New Wing
1 Utama Shopping Mall
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya

Tel : 603-7727 2772

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