Monday, February 27, 2006


Caught a quick dinner at Chilli's with JC in BSC and met up with C later for Actorlympics. Sunday night was its last show. Here's my review on our very own Malaysian version of Drew Carey's "Whose Line Is It Anyway?".

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The show was funny but fell short of my expectations (since I'm a short person by stature, that is not too tall an order!). Edwin Sumun (my fave!) , Rashid Salleh, Fish, Na'a, Reza and "late by one hour" Douglas Lim were on tonight. A shame that Afdlin Shauki wasn't there. It started off with the gang (minus Douglas) dressing up as geisha "guys", suddenly stripping off their kimonos, revealing them in sarongs. They then launched into a spoof of PGL with Edwin at the helm. I laughed as some had difficulty trying to keep their sarongs from dropping, I think Na'a was dancing with his sarong at half mast at one point but pulled it up in time. I was wondering (not hoping!) whether they had gone commando or not or surely we would have something else to laugh about. Ha ha.....

Next came the freeze skit. It was okay as a warm-up. The "question" conversation was entertaining enough but the players had a difficult time coming up with something creative. There were two skits on self dubbing, The Lost Empire (scene featuring Bai Ling, Russell Wong and Thomas Gibson) and In The Bedroom (scene featuring Marisa Tomei and Nick Stahl) which made me laugh a little louder. Mmm.....wonder who chose those two movies anyway, not really mainstream ones. The Malaysian made karaoke video clip fared best when volunteers from the audience directed Edwin and Rashid. It was a riot! Edwin was so good at wriggling his butt and going through the motions! Anyway, I laughed the hardest whenever Edwin unleashed his diva routine, and that retort from him to "straight" John, one of the volunteers, was hilarious!

Earlier, the Malaysian censorship skit was a bit laughless as they were too many scenes that were "censored" by the players (where they would have to give the reason for censorship), thus disrupting the flow of it. The same can also be said for the "ting" skit, where there were just too many "tings" in a row (Rashid got carried away I "ting"...) where even a talented Edwin just couldn't do much to get us laughing. Well, how "ting" works is that when the players hear the "ting" sound, they will have to rephrase their lines during the sketch. So, if there are too many "tings", then it only means that the same player will be rephrasing their lines over and over again.

The show ended with a song with Douglas on the guitar about Malaysian Astronauts (topic suggested by the audience) where the gang took turns to sing a few lines on that topic. The funniest was from Na'a...

Malaysian Astronauts.....they've trouble going to bed,
Malaysian Astronauts.....they've trouble going to bed,
With all that zero gravity,
Their sarongs go up over their heads!

Anyway, it was still a good show. Am looking forward to the next run to see what the players and the audience can come up with!!! Must support our local performing arts of course, check out The Actors Studio. You can subscribe to their mailing list to receive updates.


Edwin Sumun said...

quite a critic you are!

glad you enjoyed the show ( I ting?)

wmw said...

Thanks for dropping in! You are absolutely wicked Edwin! Eh, does that mean I'm a good critic or a bad critic (mmm....two oxymorons in one sentence!)? I did enjoy it! Hope to catch you again soon. will "pimp" your blog....