Saturday, February 25, 2006


Went lunch karaoke today with TOL, SL and A. SL was pretty worked up but by the end of the session, she said the singing session was therapeutic indeed. Ha ha... I think all office folks should take some time off and have lunch karaoke once in awhile to release stress. But folks like TOL might not be able to get relieve should that be the case cos all she did was listened! She mentioned that she should have brought her kacang from home as they didn't served tidbits for lunch. Hee hee....She's a kacang addict!!!!

Anyway, after that I headed for the MPH Warehouse Sales. On my way in, I saw most of the people in there were using boxes to hold their selection of the goodies they picked up as there were just to many for them to carry just like that. I was telling myself "Wah, these folks can really shop!' Fast forward 1 hour later, I was holding a box of the stuff I picked up too. Mustn't speak too fast next time! Anyway, I picked up this 2006 Forget-Me-Not calendar. I had fallen in love with it the first time I saw it late last year but told myself that I would not want to waste RM60 on it. To my surprise, since it's past 2006, MPH was selling it at RM20. That Some Publishing company have some pretty novel and nifty calendars, click on the other calendars and see the item description. Some people are really so creative! Also picked up some Origami books, elementary level cos 1) I love Origami 2) the books were so cheap, RM4.00 each (complete with Origami paper) and 3) they were the last few ones there!

This reminds me of a discovery sometime last year when I was browsing in Popular bookstore, I was tickled to have stumbled upon this book, "adult origami" as I did not know that some people would be interested/publishing such a book and that we can get such a book here! I must admit that I did look through and was laughing most of the time. In case you are wondering, NO, I didn't buy it nor did I go back time and time again to memorize the steps! Apparently, such origami exists and there are lots of it "out there". And here I am buying elementary Origami books. I am THAT innocent! Hah! Yup! Seems the TRUTH is really out there!

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