Thursday, February 23, 2006

Rubbing our eyes

Some friends have asked me what's with the url name, ugwug. Well, it's simply the abbreviation of U Get What U Give.....hahaha.....So, now you know. Thought that I didn't have to explain. Well, though I slept at 4 plus am, had to wake up at 8.30 as I had to attend a training to train...Hope you can figure out what that means. Thank goodness it was just till 1. The bunch of us happily drove to Ikea for lunch, TD was suppose to leave with us but he had to tend to a client. Smsed him and was about to drive off from that area when he called. He was saying why we left, he purposely came to the office to do lunch with us and that he wanted to do lunch nearby. Well, I told him that he should have said it earlier as we were just expecting him to be able to drive to Ikea to meet us. Really that simple mah! Told him to hop into my car but he was still going on about us leaving him behind. I drove right up to him as he was standing by the road while still talking to him on the phone and told him to simply GET IN! Both Lyn and I were asking him when he's become so "lui yan"/woman. He said it must have been due to his wife! Eh, talk about being the more dominant partner! Can this really happen? Then Lyn agreed with me when I said that at that point we are more "manly" than him! hahaha...... testerone alert!!!!! Just hope that we don't start scratching our crotch area in public like what the guys normally do!!!! Eeeeewwww.........Which reminds me of this joke I once heard.

Why do women rub their eyes when they get up in the morning?
Cos they don't have balls to scratch!

Ahem....later on, I visited the girls at Skillspoint. It's been awhile since I last dropped by the office. Saw Alice go through some moves during her hip hop class. I showed her a move that she taught earlier. Found out it's called the Ripple....Told her that I used to be able to dance better but my back is acting up. Gees, guess that's the only thing about me that puts me in the category of "old folks". Now, where's my pack of Salonpas when I need it the most??????

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