Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Inspired by Boredom and Sadness

Ha ha....strange indeed. Signed on for a blog of my own after staying in the whole day. Was kept in by the rain. Damn, was gonna drive all the way to Cheras for late dinner for my wonderful chee cheong fun but KCC said she got my sms late, has eaten and "retired" for the nite! Bah! That's the problem, here I am, a 37 year old, single by choice woman, who is really young at heart actually. But, HELP! My friends who are in their 30s act their age! Gosh, that leaves me to play with my younger friends.

See? How "young at heart" I am? I'm playing
with my niece's Tamagotchi!

Seriously, I have friends of all ages. But those young friends of mine have left me in some sort of a limbo cos they are overseas doing their studies. Sigh.....I still have another batch of friends whom I meet up with quite often, I'm a decade older than them! How then? Friends my age can't keep up with me where as I wouldn't want to end up always being the "auntie" in the younger friends category. Such a dilemma! Mmm....I even played "mommy" for a day when I took my friend's 4 kids out on Sunday. Their parents will only be back tomorrow, went to Stockholm. I pitied the kids that they had no activities for a week, though Big Brother, who's 17, is perfectly capable of looking after the rest but he doesn't have a driving license yet. It was a fun outing but on the other hand, I can't deny the fact that when I reached home after sending them back, I was tired and relieved that I was back in my own sanctuary!

Anyway, I have always wanted to start on a blog but never got round to it, till Jen directed me to hers. That made me think and finally, today this blog exists. That's when I felt sad. I pray daily for her, to God, to give her the strength to pull through and if that's not what God has planned for her, to give her the peace that she so needs. It was good meeting up for lunch with her together with Sweet, Ju and Euro, friends since secondary school, B.B.G.S! Well, Jen couldn't really eat much. Me being a nocturnal creature, dragged myself out of bed at 7 am and drove to Sec. 17 market and bought chee cheong fun and yong tow foo. Yup, ccf again....I just love ccfun (and thousands of other food! Ha ha...) Sweet came with porridge, Ju with red bean tong sui and Euro with Ayamas. We had a great time. Actually we almost didn't meet up cos Jen had been feeling weak but she decided to go ahead. She was feeling good that day but she has lost a lot of weight. We'll meet up again on her birthday, that's coming in Mar.

I was just told to stay away from chicken cos of the bird flu. Sigh, my lifestyle is being stiffled, cos eating is one of my hobbies and now I have all these restrictions! Mind you, I only eat on two occassions, that's night and day!!!! Mmm....I wonder what's in the fridge now......


Anonymous said...

i miss you!!!! =)

Sandra said...

You definately don't look like 37! Awww shock. You look like uni student.

wmw said...

Thanks for the compliment!

Dr ve Thru said...

wmw, before I got into the comment box, I was going to say exactly the same thing as Sandra. You look very young both outside and at heart. Eh, when I was 37, I was also playing with my kids tamagotchi (3 each = 6 altogether) while they were at school.

Going through your archives.

One thing in common.....FOOD!! :)

wmw said...

Dr ve Thru : We have two things in common; food and tamagotchi! Ha ha ha...Thanks for droppping by.