Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jackson Pollock's Art - My Version

Zahara sent me this link to a Jackson Pollock website created by Miltos Manetas where we can create our very own abstract art ala Jackson Pollock style. I had some fun doing it and this is my very own creation. Just move and click your mouse around once you are at the website. Pressing the spacebar will erase your "canvas" and you can start all over again. Go on...have some fun! When you are done, press "Esc" and the website's creator name will pop up together with the description on the bottom right corner.
One of his painting sold for USD140 million. I wonder how much is mine worth? ;o)

Have a great weekend everyone!


mama bok said...

Priceless..!! Just because you are unique to me..!

Firehorse said...

Agree with mama bok, a piece of artwork from you a worth much more to me. Hei wmw, I am still in Malaysia for now till further notice.

Judy said...

Very nice wor! As mamabok said, "Priceless".

In reality, if you go through all the history of famous artists, they only became famous after they died. Their work was not worth much until their demise. Sad isn't it??

Got work of art on food or not? :P

Kok said...

USD$140 million? My God! I should have take up art degree instead! haha!

Good job! I like that drawing. But yea, I think it's priceless like mamabok has said. No $ can buy. ;)

Kenny Mah said...

What is it worth? Dunno, but it sure is like you --- colourful, friendly (many, many circles/splotches ma) and fun-filled! Colours... wheee!!!


wmw said...

mama bok : Thank you...! Hopefully unique in a 'good' way and not something else. Ha ha ha...

firehorse : Ahh...thank you too. Why so mysterious ah you? Trying to catch hold of you!

judy : Yes, it's sad. So, my painting probably worth zilch as I'm alive and kicking. LOL

kok : Like Judy said, paintings only become valuable after the artist not so good leh. Did you try drawing?

kenny : Actually my interpretation of my artwork is that the circles represent people and people are linked to one another in ways we might not know of yet. And the inner circles represent the heart of these people...and the circles in all...Circles of Life! :o)

mama bok said...

Definitely in a very good way..! would never think of anything less for you . ;)

wmw said...

Mama Bok : Thank you...thank you :o)

Kok said...

I like to draw but just, no artistic gene. hahaha!

Lee Ping (Mrs.HBT) said...

Dear WMW,

For fun, I actually went to that website and tried to draw. It was hard!!

wmw said...

kok : What is not art to you may be art to others....that's what art is all about! Who knows??? :o)

Lee Ping : Go ahead and click and draw away, what you create is your own! Now, that's art!