Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sailing On A Sunday

A couple of months back, I grabbed the opportunity to go out to the sea to catch some sailing action at the Royal Selangor Yacht Club. I was contented to be a spectator while the rest participated in a sailboat race.
I went out on a keelboat and followed John who had the task of setting the race course.
John looking up the course to set from the course guide book
Checking the direction of the wind. Barely visible in the photo, there's a white thread tied to the end of the pen.
We sailed pass a kelong and there were a number of fishing enthusiasts trying to get their catch of the day.
Once we sailed out to the right spot, we would anchor the boat.
Big orange markers are deployed at different areas to mark the course
Signal flags would be put up to instruct the teams; different flags had different meanings. Here are some examples and rules of racing.
Sound signals are made to denote the start of the race and to draw attention to the teams of the changing of signal flags; twice for signal flags raised and once for signal flags lowered.
Then while the race is in progress, John, his crew and I sat around to watch and wait.
At this point, John whips out his nice looking Australian hat and starts puffing on a pipe, making him look very much the part of a Skipper! :o)
I like his shoes. Cute Crocs!

Here are some pics of some sailboats in action that I managed to take with my little camera.






We started around 2 p.m. and it was windy and cloudy during the course of the race. When the teams finished racing at about 5 p.m plus, we headed back to the club where the teams got together for the official announcement of the results admist beer, food and more beer! Hahaha....
I certainly enjoyed myself that day and learnt a bit about sailboat racing. What a perfect Sunday it was! :o)

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content - Proverb


Big Boys Oven said...

Come, come let's go and see the Monsoon Cup !!!! You will love it!

LianneK said...

wahhh sailing, very interesting but must learn the rules and regulation to understand what it means hor, otherwise I go and pretend, pretend see hehehe

New Kid on the Blog said...

That's only one word could say... "BEAUTIFUL"!!!

Precious Pea said...

HUH?? When was this? How come you never mention before?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

small camera..big pictures..

Anonymous said...

What an experience! Not seasick eh?

wmw said...

BBO : In Terengganu, not here...if not I'll surely go!

imbi & itchy : Interesting but I see that there's a lot of hard work, all the tugging, switching of places etc...

NKOTB : Yes, I enjoyed drifting at sea.

Precious P : Uhhh...I think I did mention ...but maybe not to you.

Joe : Pictures posted considered small as there are too many pics, so I chose the medium size. :o)

Alice : No, I'm not one to get seasick. As a matter of fact, no travel sickness.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Big I'm a bit afraid of the open sea...

Anonymous said...

Sigh.....reminds me of the days spent lazing around on the beach! Never tried sailing but very much into windsurfing those days! even imagined surfing off into the sunset! LOL

Meng Keat said...

litte boat, big sea, a no no for me. Twice nearly drown. Nice way to laid back and relax

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lazy Sunday though there is some sailing action. I like that.

yammylicious said...

sailboat!! guess you're real enjoyed with it ya?!

MeiyeN said...

never tried sailing before! must be real fun....

wmw said...

Jason & Kusahi Keat & mei yen : Me too...I nearly drowned once and that was in a pool! But it's something to be experienced! Try it when you have a chance!

Glorious J : Eh, didn't you kinda sailed off into the sunset in a way? Took you 6 weeks...hehehe

tigerfish : Lazy Sunday for me, not for those racing :o)

yammylicious : Yeah, I did...Luckily it was pretty calm most of the time, no raging seas! Hahaha

sc said...

the photos are much 'life' in it..sorta 3D..hehe

Christina Kim said...

oooo... I am so jealous!!! I am a fan of yachts and sails as well!!!
It must have been a great watch....but thanks for the great pics, loved them!!:D

wmw said...

sc : Got 3D ah??? Hehehe....which one wor?

christy : Thanks for the compliment. So, I guessed you do go to RSYC now and then?

Anonymous said...

I feel sea sick already looking at the pictures.

Boats/sea and me don't get on well.

wmw said...

judy : you also get car sick? Gotta eat sea sick pills then! :o)