Sunday, August 30, 2009

You's Dim Sum, Broadway, San Francisco

It's a hot weekend in San Francisco, pretty unusual weather - global warming indeed! So, here's a short "quick bite" before we go out to enjoy the weather.

You's Dim Sum, Broadway

You's Dim Sum is a very simple eatery that sells...dim sum (what else? :p). Well, they do have a few tables for people to eat in but most of us have the food to go. Stacked big aluminium trays with the goodies that are being steamed IS the display counter itself. Prices here are definitely much cheaper than the usual dim sum sold in restaurants.

You's Dim Sum

When I'm thinking about getting something for tea-time, I usually head on to You's Dim Sum to get my fave item. You know how it is that you somehow only eat a particular dish or food or snack from a particular eatery/restaurant? Well, all I ever take out from the place is this one and only one...

Glutinous Rice Pau
Glutinous Rice Pau ("Lo Mai Bao") at only USD0.60 each

What's inside
A thin layer of skin wraps the tasty glutinous rice which has been lightly fried with bits of dried shrimps (har mai) and cilantro, and then steamed. Fans of glutinous rice will surely love this! I have not eaten something as tasty and as cheap as this elsewhere in San least not yet. So till that happens, I'll be coming back to You's Dim Sum for this again and again whenever I'm in San Francisco.

Do take note though, the other non-steam items here (like buns for example) are room temperature and in San Francisco's usual weather, it can be quite cold. However, for take aways, nothing that an oven or microwave can't warm up I'm sure. If you don't have one, go for the steamed items and eat it quick on the spot :o).

You's Dim Sum
675 Broadway
San Francisco, CA 94155
Tel : (415) 788-7028

Also at : -

937 Stockton St
San Francisco, CA 94108
Tel : (415) 781-6923

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Su-Lin said...

I've not seen dim sum like that before! I love glutinous rice and the thought of it being wrapped in a thin skin in one totally edible package is lovely!

ilene said...

What a different kind of loh mai kai! Loh mai pau! Buy some of those frozen ones home here.

Precious Pea said...

LOH MAI PAU??? Waahh..definitely new to me. Let me see if we have this here which I doubt so.

Hazza said...

Loved the look of that! And so cheap too!

backStreetGluttons said...

Everytime a post like this comes up , we feel vindicated coz Malaysian food is but just another wannabe ( not withstanding nationalism ) once you have travelled some distance , like you

Simon Seow said...

wow, quite cheap woh the loh mai pau

J2Kfm said...

wait, they're wrapped with some thin skin? cant see lah ... like loh mai kai in a bundle only.

CUMI & CIKI said...

i like eating my food quick on the spot. some call it greedy.. i call it 'keeping my food warm'! ahem..

jason said...

The name is just a marketing gimmick I guess :)

wmw said...

Su Lin : Well, I love glutinous rice - in any form! :o)

Ilene : If only I can tah pau these back to Malaysia - don't think they can keep that long :o(

Precious P : Go and search, hopefully you'll find it.

Hazza : Yup, nice & cheap! That's what makes it even better.

BSG : Wah, so serious ah? I just love good food ;o).

wmw said...

Simon : Yah...and nice too!

J2Kfm : It's really thin leh.

Cumi & Ciki : Yup, agree with you :o)

Jason : Name marketing gimmick? Got meh? Unless it's call YOUR Dim Sum, hahaha...