Monday, April 05, 2010

A Day Out @ The Metreon & Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco

It has been a fun filled weekend and it's time for me to head off to bed for a much needed full 8 hour sleep, hahaha...Anyway, continuing on my San Francisco trip, here are some photos taken when I went on a walkabout with Zahara around Metreon for a short while (just before I caught a movie at Loews Theater). Enjoy the pics! ...and have a great week ahead everyone :o)

Caught this interesting looking statue along Market Street while making my way to the Metreon
Market Street

Market Street
It's a "sliced" statue!

I Want Cupcakes!
Came across this Puma Ad. for me, it will be "Bring Me Cupcakes, I WILL SCREAM & Dance!" Hahaha....

Market Street
One of the many F-line History Streetcars along Market Street. Check out all the interesting and different vintage streetcars!

Loews Theatre @ Metreon
The beautiful lobby of Loews Theatre

Statue at Metreon
This statue at Metreon bears some similarity to Ronald Reagan? Is it suppose to be him (x3)?

Now, THIS is a handshake! :o)

The Falls @ Metreon
Walking along the falls in the nearby Yerba Buena Gardens...(some folks really do fall down here too as the area at the back is wet).


Landscape around the area

Reflection across the bridge ... can you spot the photographer?

And lastly, my favourite shot from the outing ...

Chequered Leaf
One of many chequered tile tables along the area ... Zahara spotted this lovely green leaf.

I'm missing San Francisco ... :o(


Anonymous said...

you still have pics from last summer's trip? i really like these ones. You made everything seem so vibrant-you good lah!! Happy Easter! - mp

CUMI & CIKI said...

aw man.. ur pictures are awesome, i really wanna go!

J said...

eeyer. the 3 handed statue is quite scary actually!

Big Boys Oven said...

Now I hate you for having such awesome beautiful photos of your stay! :)you always have your style! just love them all! :)

hahahah I gave a thought of what you said that afternoon, we do what we love doing! We are still bachelors! :)

wmw said...

MP : Yes, I miss SFO!

Cumi&Ciki: Haven't been there? Then you must!

J : In a way....hahaha...

BBO : Yup! :o)