Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To Ipoh We Go - A Tale of 5ive Floggers & 1 City (Part One)

Before Precious Pea left Malaysia to build a new life over in Melbourne, the few of us practically "swore" to make a trip to Ipoh together but it didn't materialise.  Well, not until Precious Pea left and returned for two months, to grace our shores again during Chinese New Year did we seriously plan for it ...

And so, we did it....making a one day trip to Ipoh finally when the five of us (Jackson, Jason, Andrine, Precious Pea and myself) set off towards our destination one early Saturday morning.  We had made a trip to Ipoh (sans Jason) previously during The Star's Drive For Food Contest back in 2007 and we looked forward to the trip this time round as a complete unit :o)


Our memorable trip back in 2007

Arriving around 9am, our first stop was Simee market for the delicious egg tarts (see my previous blog post on Choy Kee's stall).  I took it easy here while the rest of them went through the usual photo session of the place.


Ipoh folks enjoying their Saturday morning

Simee Market

Choy Kee Biscuit & Snacks Stall

Can you spot the floggers? ;o)

Checking the time, we made sure that we headed straight to Thean Chun after the market visit.  I have been to Ipoh several times and shown up at Thean Chun, only to be told that their caramel custard is sold out.  

After having been disappointed several times, we took in a deep breath and ordered 5 caramel custards and half expected to be told "No More!".  So, imagine to our delight (I punched my fist up in the air, sweet victory at last!) when the auntie walked away with saying the words which I was accustomed to hearing during all those previous visits here.

Thean Chun
 Thean Chun, busy as always

Caramel Custard
I followed the auntie to check out how she removed the caramel custard from the aluminium cup.  Swift is the word! All five caramel custards done almost in the blink of an eye.

Caramel Custard photoshoot
Since it's the "elusive" caramel custard (RM2.10), we gave it the 5 star treatment, subjecting it to a longer photo shoot than usual.  In the presence of five floggers, it was a while before we finally dug in.  It was smooth and sitting in a pool of brown sugar syrup, what more could I ask for (err...another Caramel Custard)? Well, it was definitely way better than the one I tried at Yat Yat Seng for sure.  With a glass of plain water thrown in which is a definite requirement to prevent one from having a sugar overload, it's simply satisfying :oP

Chicken Hor Fun Soup (Flat Noodles)

While I was taking photographs earlier, they ordered a bowl of Chicken Hor Fun (Flat Noodles) Soup which the five of us shared.  I found it surprisingly tasty, but couldn't tell if it was attributed by the presence of good ol' MSG as I am MSG tolerant :o)  However Jason found it average, could be just that this Ipoh boy had it too good all this while as he has grown up on Ipoh food, hahaha....well, as we say - taste is very subjective.

Thean Chun Coffeeshop
73, Jalan Market
Tel : 05-255 3076
Business hours: 8.00am – 4.30pm (Caramel custard usually sold out by 10am)
Closed on Thursdays

 Vintage bicycles
To Be Continued ...


J said...

Quickly, more! :D
*droooooling at the bowl of noodles and caramel custard*

(Wah. 3 years till you posted this up? :P)

jason said...

Nice piccies!

mimid3vils said...

The caramel custard is wobbling ~~~

Precious Pea said...

I was thinking of posting about our Ipoh trip yesterday but then I was too busy with my Restaurant City and my Pet Society leh!! I miss the egg tarts!!

J2Kfm said...

Jason doesn't like the Kai See Hor Fun?! Ahem ... must bring him over and over and over again ... :)

Thean Chun's version remains MY favourite, even when stacked against the others in Ipoh. Cowan Street's sar hor fun in soup comes a close second, but that is NOT the same, for it's devoid of the other ingredients. Ayam Tauge shop ma ...

wmw said...

J : No, this was recent in March this year. The trip back in 2007 was a different one.

Jason : Thanks!

mimid3vils : ...and lovely too!

Precious P : Waiting to read your post :o)

J2Kfm : Yes, Jason didn't say anything about this place, that's why I found it surprising when the noodles were yummy!

May said...

ipoh chicken

tofugirl said...

Yum, caramel custard. I love the photos you took, really gives you the "feel" of the place.

wmw said...

May : Strange though....I usually look out for other food first before that dish!

Tofugirl : Thanks for the compliment :o)