Thursday, April 01, 2010

Beefing Up Downtown in Chinatown Kuala Lumpur

Since I'm not a "fish" fan, my usual meat options are chicken, beef (with the occasional pork and mutton).  So, I never say no when it comes to beef noodles (dry/soup/fried) as it is on my fave list - read up on some of these beefy posts from the past ...

Ngau Kee in Tong Shin, KL
Julian in Sec 17 Petaling Jaya
Kean Fatt in SS3 Petaling Jaya
Joy Cafe in Happy Garden KL
Quinn, Jalan Toman, Seremban
Ang Kim Chwee, Johor Bahru
3U, Taynton View, Cheras

I decided to add two more to the list when I had the opportunity to go downtown on several occasions and ate at Soong Kee and Lai Foong.  Well, I've been to these two places way before my blogging days (hence, no photos till now!) since these are the pioneers in dishing out delicious beef noodles for the longest time but I had not been back till of late.  I was told that where as Ngau Kee's is inconsistent, Soong Kee still "has it".  So that's why I decided to venture back into this part of town to check it out ...

Soong Kee has been around since 1945 and had renovated their place in 2001.  Eating here now is definitely more comfortable as compared the earlier days...

Soong Kee

Soong Kee Beef Balls
Bounce baby out the door....and straight into my mouth! Hahaha...The beef balls were delightfully fresh and bouncy. Large order for RM8, small for RM6


I usually flip flop between choosing the egg wantan noodles or lo shi fun whenever I eat beef noodles (if lai fun is available, lai fun is my first choice).  The minced pork (not beef!) topping was adequate and gave the extra flavour to the noodles.  Take note, my friend who added extra minced pork found her noodles too salty after that.  The noodles were al dente and I thoroughly enjoyed each bite.  I don't know why, but why do places like Soong Kee and Ngau Kee (specialising in beef noodles) put minced pork toppings on their noodles? I'm not complaining but why not minced beef? Anybody knows why? Small - RM4.50, Big - RM5 (additional ingredients - extra RM2)

Beef Me Up!
Large bowl of beef slices and tripe (RM8) - the beef slices arrived still in its pinkish hue and were tender.  Great stuff!

Soong Kee Beef Ball Noodles
3 Jalan Silang
Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-20781484
Opens from 11am-12 midnight (Mon - Sat)
Close on Sundays and Public Holidays

Then comes Lai Foong which has been around since 1956, with a different preparation to its beef noodles.  I usually opt for the soup version when I eat here, I don't think I have ever tried the dry style - Hmmm...I wonder how it is?
Lai Foong

What's cooking?

Beefy serving
I like the preserved vegetables that they add into the soup, hence it  could be a tad salty to some especially if you opt to order a bowl of the beefy delight without noodles whereas the level was just right when I had a bowl with noodles.  I enjoyed the hor fun (flat noodles) which were smooth! So, with the preserved vegetables being the difference - a big difference though as one doesn't get the usual beefy soup but one that is full of flavour nevertheless, Lai Foong's version is in a category of its own actually.  It might disappoint some true beef noodles lovers but it is good enough for me, as long as it's delicious :o)

Medium serving for RM5, Large RM6 (extra orders of meat, additional RM2).  Parts available - lean meat, tripe, beef ball, omasum, intestine, tendon and brisket.

Lai Foong Restaurant
138 Jalan Tun HS Lee
Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2072 8123

Opens from early morning till lunch time

Where the beef is, I will surely go ... (to the tune of "Where The Boys Are") :oP


cfm said...

noodles are good!

soupy noodles are really delicious.

J2Kfm said...

I kinda like the Soong Kee's version, and it's really comfortable to be seated inside the air-conditioned dining area.

The porridge stall outside of the shop also is seemingly VERY famous.

Big Boys Oven said...

wow lovely! slurpy noodles with texture toppings!

J said...

Soong Kee? Hey, aren't they the famous beef noodle place that got chosen to open in Hutong Lot 10?
(Hmmm... or maybe it's just a similar name....)

On another note: Wah. That's a lot of beef(-fy posts)!

CUMI & CIKI said...

yup2.. one of my favourites too:)

babe_kl said...

funny, i also always order soup version at Lai Fong cos its so nice with the harm choy!

mimid3vils said...

remind me that I long time didn't have beef noodle :(

jason said...

Why minced pork?? Why not minced beef?? Why why??

LOL, go and ask the owner la! :p

Amelia said...

do also try the beef noodle at starlight restaurant, opposite the LRT station.

tigerfish said...

Always say you not a "fish" fan, I don't dare to come to your blog! ;p

Tummy Rumble said...

its been a long time since I ate here.. Now you just made me hungry.. hahaha

Precious Pea said...

Aii..sad that we didn't manage to eat at Soong Kee that morning. I prefer Soong Kee version than Lai Fong.

As to why pork ar??? Maybe cheaper gua.

ilene said...

Soong Kee's beef noodles still the best! Love it! Ya, why ah .. minced pork? *scratching head*

wmw said...

cfm : You come back, we eat this? :o)

J2Kfm : Hmmm...will take note of the porridge stall.

BBO : Yup, best!

J : Yes, Hutong has it too :o)

Cumi & Ciki : nice hor?

babe_kl : Yahlo...maybe should try dry one next time.

mimid3vils : Be reminded to eat then?

Jason : Never get round to asking each time wor...

Amelia : Thanks for the tip!

Tigerfish : Nolah, I believe I have mentioned to you before that I'm no fan of fish except Tigerfish. Hehehe...Come, come...visit!

Tummy Rumble : It's open till midnight! :o)

Precious P : Next time okay?

Ilene : Hmmm...Hutong's or Jalan Silang?

ilene said...

Haven't tried the one @ Hutong. All these while it's the Jln Silang stall. There was one time, for many days in a row, that would be my lunch! lol

P/s: No posting on Hutong?

Anonymous said...

wow -- i like the new look -- very sophisticated, girl! Okay, you gotta take me to Soong Kee when i am in town. can't believe that lai foong is still around - the food is good but i remember it is too damn hot- mp

ai wei said...

why beef???

can't have them. ><

Anonymous said...

The best one's in OUG, near the market, but after 20 yrs the oldest brother left to start at Entrepreneur Park after CNY this yr, however, this morning found that he also moved out (cos bad location I think)and according to the coffeeshop owner, he is back with his brother in Peel Road. Maybe he opens in the day time and the younger brother at night.
Soong Kee beefballs are tasteless.

wmw said...

Ilene : Then you should be the best to judge whether the standard in Hutong is the same... ;o) Stay tuned...

MP : Luckily for you, Soong Kee is availabe in Lot 10 too!

ai wei : Then just have the noodles with the minced pork?

Anonymous : I guess taste is subjective. Unfortunately when a bunch of us floggers went to the one in OUG last year, it was a rather bad experience for us. Unless we are talking about a different stall...

pang said...

i alwiz go 4 lo shu fun instead of their wtm alwiz soggy n starchy. They get their supply of lo shu fun fr an old man (home made)who supplies to these beef noodle stalls ie Soong kee, Beef King (big tree Pudu)n Dai poh meen (jalan Sayur). Here,d hand made-rice grinder lo shu fun is chewy unlike d "machine made" translucent n smooth tat we normally get.

pang said...
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