Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Duduk Cafe, e@Curve Mutiara Damansara


After a weekday seminar which ended at noon time, Glorious Jade and I decided to catch a movie at e@Curve (formerly Cineleisure) to clear our mind from all the info overload. Having had a quick lunch earlier (to be in time for the movie), we decided to look for some light grub after the show. As we headed towards the escalator to go down after the movie ended, I saw the bunting that was put up by Duduk Cafe - a cafe I have not heard of. Glorious Jade and I then decided to check it out and found it at a rather obscure place away from the already quiet main area (this was at 3 plus in the afternoon). Duduk Cafe is owned by Deligateux, who are makers of frozen and non-frozen cakes and pastries - Deligateux ? I have heard of :o)

There weren't any other customers there and we were deciding whether we should give the place a try ... and you know what? I'm glad we did! Duduk Cafe itself is a cosy inviting place, occupying a small area that faces Watson and 7-Eleven on the 1st floor. Aptly name, Duduk means "Sit" in Bahasa ...

Duduk Cafe

Duduk Cafe has an adequate menu for simple meals that ranges from pasta, lasagnas, pies, hotdogs, nasi lemak and even porridge. Vetting through the simple two page menu, it also lists hot and cold drinks (Mocktails & Frapps too!). Oh, do take note that Duduk Cafe accepts cash only.

The prices of the mains are relatively cheap when compared with the rest of the restaurants located at e@Curve and The Street e.g. set meals which consists of a main dish, drink and a slice of cake ranges from RM8.90 to RM10.90! So Glorious Jade and I figured that the serving should be rather small, good enough for light meals. We went ahead to order the Bolognaise pasta. When it was served, we were surprised ...

Duduk's Bolognaise (Beef)

The spaghetti Bolognaise (Beef) is priced at RM6.90 and look at the portion! Served with a couple of small crunchy garlic bread and small bit of vege, the portion is good enough for a full meal. The pasta was a bit overcooked (which I pointed out to the friendly staff who took note and said they will improve on it - to which I jokingly said that I will come back to see if they keep good of their word). However, the bolognaise sauce itself was good, not sourish and the meat sauce taste was well balanced on the overall. If coupled with al-dente pasta, it would be great. I'm gonna order this again the next time I drop by Duduk Cafe.

As for drinks - I was intrigued by the name "Tertonggeng" (which means "fall upside down"? Not sure if that's the right translation from Bahasa to English), Duduk's Extreme Chocolate Frapp and decided to try it out. Hmmm....why the name "Tertonggeng"?

Tertonggeng Frapp - Extreme Chocolate

Tertonggeng Frapp (RM8.50) was chocolatey indeed but I wouldn't say that it was extreme. A yummy drink nevertheless!

Duduk Cafe
The side area with floor seating, with interesting coffee table books. They have stocked up some imported games like Articulate, Cranium, Mr & Mrs and Argue and charges a nominal fee of RM3 per head/hour should anyone be interested to play these games at Duduk Cafe's premises. Call Mai at 012-391 8096 to book the time and games.

Duduk Cafe
With more than reasonable food prices and a cosy ambiance, I'm surprised that people have overlooked this place which definitely deserves more attention even if it was located away from the usual foot traffic. Glorious Jade and I are glad to have stumbled upon Duduk Cafe and will definitely be back again with more friends to chill here as we love the place. We want to try the Brownies next!

Address as per pic above
Duduk Cafe's Website
Tel : 603-7727 6551

"If you are ever at a loss of conversation, introduce the subject of eating"
- Leigh Hunt



minchow said...

Ahh the lost art of sitting around just whiling away afternoons! I like!

Precious Pea said...

Perfect place to chill and chat...ahh..ok..next time we go. Aiyoo...we didn't get to go for our ketam steamboat leh!

ai wei said...

very very nice ambiance and... i love the price!!! hehe

babe_kl said...

huh i can't believe that kinda price in that area!!! maybe rental is cheap in e@curve since its not "properly" occupied

wmw said...

minchow : Now, that's how life should be...hahaha...

Precious P : Aiyoh, yah lah...when?

Ai Wei : Check it out!

Babe_KL : Could be ... drink prices are on par with the rest.

jason said...

Nice concept of implementing Bahasa into the overall cafe management. :) Shall take note of this place when we off from gym next time!

mimid3vils said...

I can see most of the shop are closed near Duduk cafe, no wonder nobody walk pass this area~~

wmw said...

Jason : Yah...let me know your verdict.

mimid3vils : Yup, pretty quiet over there.

Simon Seow said...

It seems that I've never explore e@Curve enough. I only go there when there's movie screening lol

wmw said...

Simon : Time to explore then :o)

hani.d said...

the brownies are to die for!!

LittleLondon said...

Hey there,

It's Mai, proud owner of Duduk. This post has left a big smile on my face, so thank you! My staff mentioned your comment on our spaghetti & rest assure, we're on it!

Thanks guys, do come again!