Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Mother's Day @ Kiku Zakura, Tropicana City Mall Petaling Jaya

I like dining at Kiku Zakura in Tropicana City Mall for the reason that it's rather quiet and if I go for early lunch/dinner(before few other customers trickle in), I really do have the whole place to myself ;o). I also kinda like the food here, having first tried Kiku Zakura's food in the early days when I first discovered it in Section 14's Jaya Supermarket back in the 90s (I think). Meals here have always been relaxing and enjoyable.  So, it's been around awhile.  This time round for Mother's Day, I took Mom to Kiku Zakura and told her jokingly that I had reserved the whole restaurant for us and us alone.
Kiku Zakura

Hahaha...she almost bought it till some customers strolled in half an hour later.

Koebi Karaage

I just love to snack on Koebi Karaage (RM13) each time I'm here! It's addictive :oP

Mom ordered her favourite Nabeyaki Udon, which was a set that came with 3 pieces of gyoza (RM27) while I took a longer time going through the rather extensive menu. Since I was in the mood for something cold I opted for the Tenzaru Chasoba (RM25).

Nabeyaki Udon
Nabeyaki Udon - took a quick shot as Mom was hungry ;o)

The Gyozas were really plump ones...each has a big prawn it in apart from the minced meat and finely diced vegetables.

Tenzaru Soba (Green Tea)
Tenzaru Soba

Tenzaru Soba Set - Tempura

...with Tempura on the side...

Quail Egg & condiments for Tenzaru Soba

I love quail eggs! The usual condiments ....


Happy Mother's Day
... EVERYDAY! :o)

With Lotsa Love,
:o) one happy daughter

Kiku Zakura

Kiku Zakura Japanese Restaurant
Lot L1-53, First Floor
Tropicana City Mall
No. 3, Jalan SS20/27
47400 Petaling Jaya

Tel : 603-7728 6598

Also in Great Eastern Mall, Midvalley, Berjaya Times Square and IOI Mall


J said...

Beautiful shots, as always!
Looks like you had a nice cosy happy celebration with your dear mum. :)

Happy mother's day!

ai wei said...

love ur shots! nice photos!!!
happy celebration with mum :)

Big Boys Oven said...

as always you got lovely shots! :)

mimid3vils said...

Those deep fried little prawns definitely a good beer snack huh...

J2Kfm said...

Last year it was at the Vietnamese outlet in Tropicana right?! :)
Or maybe not. Anyway, good daughter la u ...

wmw said...

J : Yes, cosy is the word...nice "private" place too.

ai wei : Thanks...Moms are the best!

BBO : Thanks for the compliment :o)

mimid3vils : Yes...addictive stuff!

J2Kfm : No, last year was Itallianies ... we were at OOP while my family were in Pho Hoa.

Jo said...

I find food here salty and 'stale'. Prefer the one in Mid Valley.

ashygreen said...

hehehe...nice smoking fav place 'to hide' from OOP

SiN P3i said...

Nice one! But is it quite pricey there?

Simon Seow said...

I only tasted the one in Mid Valley. Not too bad the food.

wmw said...

Jo : I found the food okay...

ashygreen : Pretty quiet corner alright :o)

SiN P3i : Price is slightly above ... but I guess it's rather subjective. Thanks for dropping by!

Simon : Yeah...Kiku Zakura's outlets are pretty good.

HoneyBee said...

waa.. U made me drool with the pics. I haven't been there for some time but I think it's time to go back =D