Friday, May 28, 2010

Marco Polo Italian Ice Cream in San Francisco, USA

Apart from my usual visits to Ghirardelli for my hot fudge sundae, the other ice cream (or should I say gelato?) parlour that I love to visit whenever I'm in San Francisco is Marco Polo Italian Ice Cream parlour.

Marco Polo Italian Ice Cream

It's been around since 1982 - :o( I miss San Francisco and eating Marco Polo's ice cream...

Marco Polo Italian Ice Cream

Inside the parlour - simple no frills set up, with about 4 tables only.

What's Your Flavour?
Check out the cool flavours!While some are common to us folks in Malaysia, the fact is that they do serve great home made gelato at reasonable prices.

I want them all!

So, what's your flavour?

Lycee & Mango

I usually order my two faves flavour; lychee and mango.  Just as they are flavourful and fragrant, it's also smooth and light...making each bite an enjoyable indulgence.  I especially love eating it when the weather is cold/rainy for an extra kick! :o)

Marco Polo Italian Ice Cream

Make sure you try the ice cream here if you are ever in this area!  Read more about Marco Polo Italian Ice Cream HERE from (with map)

Marco Polo Italian Ice Cream
1447 Taraval Street, San Francisco, 
CA 94116

Tel - (415) 731-2833

My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just enjoy the ice cream while it's on your plate
~Thornton Wilder

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CUMI & CIKI said...

wail!! i wanna try this too. wail!! :P hehe

sc said...

hmmm..someone left her heart in san francisco..

chih said...

i had a flatmate that made chocolate gelato for us, for dessert! so delicious. =)

wmw said...

Cumi&Ciki : I'm sure you will get to, eventually.

SC : Yeslah...sob2

chih : Yumz!

jason said...

Wow, they have durian too, not bad wor!

wmw said...

Jason : Yah wor...but didn't try lah...hahah