Monday, May 17, 2010

To Ipoh We Go - A Tale of 5ive Floggers & 1 City (Part Four - Final)

So, what do 5 floggers (that's food bloggers for the uninitiated) do when they get together? Eat, of course and eat and eat !  ;o).  How do we do it?  Why, apart from the fact that some of us are 'larger than life' that make this task easier, we follow a simple rule of not ordering full individual meals at each round but more like a bowl or two shared by the five of us (in this case) but ever so often what will probably "knock us out" are the drinks as we tend to down them more to quench our thirst and our stomach will be bloated with water rather than food.  But as they say "The show must go on!" ... and so it did :o)

Food Shopping

To ensure that our stomach had a short break before springing (more like expanding, I would say...hahaha) into action, we dropped by Seng Kee to pack a few packets of their delicious Heong Peah, read the earlier post on Seng Kee HERE.

Coconut husks

Coconut husks used in the process of making Heong Peah

After we were done shopping, the next "action" took place at Dai Shu Geok (a place I've been to before, read my earlier review on this place HERE).  No noodles for me this time round just my fave Sar Kok Liew (Fried Stuffed Turnip).

Fried Stuffed Turnip
However, we found them oilier on this visit and cold - we probably missed the fresh batch and hence not totally satisfied.  We put in an extra order of Popiah (Fresh Spring Roll) which I found just average  ...

Popiah (Fresh Spring Roll)

What happens when one is dissatisfied with a meal? We go look for more food (or in the case of floggers, that's just what we naturally do - satisfied or not! LOL)! Once again, I found myself standing in front of Hong Kee's stall (earlier Hong Kee's post HERE), just that I'm with other floggers on this particular trip.

Floggers in action

Floggers in action
Here we are, in action to bring you photos like this Peanut Paste Dessert ...

Peanut Paste Dessert

and this ...

Mua Chee
... Mua Chee.  Non floggers wouldn't understand the time and trouble taken to frame each shot to capture the food - like here, almost in actual size as what you would see like it was held right in front of you! :oP

By then we were quite stuffed and we drove around to look for drinks (it was a hot day in Ipoh!) and stopped at Wooley's.  We then proceeded to the next stop before we would make our way back to Kuala Lumpur... DINNER! Gasp! Hahaha...As it turns out, we ended up at some random place after the one we had initially wanted to go to was closed.  By this time, we had run out of energy and ate only because it was dinner time.  Unfortunately, dinner fare was rather forgettable - not sure cos we were running low on battery or cos our marginal utility had diminished to a very low level by that time. LOL!  However, we enjoyed this Ipoh trip of ours - more for the fact having the food experience together and most importantly BEING TOGETHER.  

Mode of transport?
 (No, the five of us did not ride these to go home, LOL!)

Jason, Precious Pea, Jackson (actually a ex-food blogger, now turned photographer) and And
Thanks For The Memories!


J said...

Looks like a really fun trip. :)
(And a delicious one too)

CUMI & CIKI said...

i find that superbly yummie! too bad it was cold.. that can really spoil everything.. the crunch, the taste.. sigh :(

jason said...

It was a short but definitely a memorable trip :) Thanks to everyone for making time for the trip too!

sc said...

the peanut paste looking so yummy! drooling just looking at that. such a waste that the sar kok liew was cold though :(

wmw said...

J : You said it! :o)

Cumi& Ciki : Yeah, oilier too. Sigh x2

Jason : Thanks Jason for being our guide.

SC : Try the mua chee too!

J2Kfm said...

He he he ... I kinda felt bad for missing this one lah. :(

Anyway, glad that all was well, until the dinner. Btw, where did you guys go?

I rmbr Jason ringing me up for a dai chow place, right?

wmw said...

J2Kfm : Not sure when we ended up...forgot! Hahaha...