Saturday, May 22, 2010

Have a MAGGI Weekend!

Back in end March recently, I attended MAGGI's launch of their "Nasi Goreng ala Warung" range.  This new range of fried rice powder mix is designed to give a delectable wok taste and aroma - something that appeals to someone like me who likes a quick fix meal as it makes my meals a lot more convenient.  Having tried the samples on that day... I must say it's tasty.  The powder mix is MSG free and has low sodium content as MAGGI targets to give us a healthier and tastier option.

MAGGI's "Nasi Goreng Ala Warung" comes in six variants ....

MAGGI's Nasi Goreng ala Warung

Briyani, Padprik, Tomyam ...

MAGGI's Nasi Goreng ala Warung

Lada Hitam, Kampung and Cina.  I like the Nasi Goreng Kampung and Lada Hitam since I like spicy food.

MAGGI Nasi Goreng Kampung

MAGGI Nasi Goreng Cina
Add in the usual ingredients and a pack of MAGGI's "magical" powder and one can get a quick and delicious plate of fried rice.  I think Mrs Pitt will be stocking up of these the next time she drops by Malaysia for a visit.  Sure to be a crowd pleaser when she serves this at her parties over in the States :oP

Make your way to any of the 45 sampling booths located in Giant, Tesco, Carrefour and Jusco across Malaysia till 31 May 2010 to try out the different varieties yourself.

Hmmm....I'm in the mood for some fried rice now!  :o)

Have a great weekend everyone!


ilene said...

sure or not msg free???

chih said...

i love maggi! =D

i wonder when they're going to export that here. i miss having nasi padprik! maybe i'll get my brother to post me a parcel with the new product.

jason said...

Ooo.. can buy this since it's MSG free! Long time didn't fry rice.

wmw said...

Ilene : That's what they claim, printed on the pack too! I ate okay ah...but then I'm MSG tolerant :o)

Chih : Hahaha...try it!

Jason : Let's fly lice! LOL!