Thursday, May 06, 2010

To Ipoh We Go - A Tale of 5ive Floggers & 1 City (Part Three)

Well, what do we do after sweating it out in a lane for a photo shoot? We go eat again of course! Hahaha...We let Jason decide and we ended up in Sin Yuan Hong.  First order? We were really thirsty and ended up with ...

Kopi Ping (Coffee with ice)

... a Kopi Ping (Ice Coffee with milk) each.  Which we later kinda regret as that meant we were full of water, hence less space for food! :p

We then ordered a set of Poached Eggs On Toast .... I tell you, a work of art it is!
Poached eggs on toast!

Drizzle some of 'em soya sauce
Drizzle some of 'em soya sauce...

Add a dash of pepper ... and ... ATTACK!
Add a dash of pepper ... and attack!

Of course...once again, someone ordered (I don't know which of us did) a little something extra but I didn't complain as it was my all time favourite!
Chee Cheong Fun

Chee Cheong Fun! Yay!  I was enjoying this, strangely enough though as I had not tasted Chee Cheong Fun like this before.  So, it was foreign yet so familiar! But it was all good!

Chee Cheong Fun Stall

Remember this Chee Cheong Fun Stall and the man of course!

Sin Yuan Hong

And of course...remember Sin Yuan Hong :o)

To Be Continued ... Always Room For More?


Precious Pea said...

The Chee Cheong Fun uncle very fierce leh. He brushed me off when I asked for only soya sauce and green chilies. He said grumpily that it would not be nice without the pork gravy and there goes one big scoop onto our serve. I still find soya sauce with green chilies nicer..hehehe.

J said...

That's a lot of coffee. :)
And those eggs look so good. Oh mannnnn. *drool* Now I'm hungry again!

SimpleGirl said...

this CHEE CHEONG FUN stall has been there for many many least 20 years,,i quite like it anyway...!!!

J2Kfm said...

You know, I have been eating from this same guy's CCF since I was in primary school! And now I am in my 70's! :)

Anyway, last time he operated from the THIRD shop, then moved here. Can eat at night also, now not sure.

One of the better ones. TQ for reminding me. So when come again eh?

jason said...

Yalor, the uncle insisted that we must eat it with minced pork and mushroom gravy, else it wouldn't be nice. Overall I felt it's okay, just that the chilli sauce too spicy for me.

wmw said...

Precious P & Jason : Is it? I spoke to him when I was hanging around there to take a pic of him. He seems okay, wasn't fierce. The CCF here is different from the usual taste but nice leh.

J : Yes, they do the poached eggs so well!

SimpleGirl : Yay! Someone who likes it too...

J2Kfm : Hmmm...Yes, I like it...though Jason finds it just okay again (The other one which he said just okay was the kway teow soup at Thean Chun, that one I like too).